#139 - The Golden Fanbois Who Live Down The Road on the Internet
Ruining a great show just because it isn't what it used to be and many other facepalm-worthy moments that make normal game show fans look terrible.

A website involving the fans of The Price Is Right

Text by: Robert Seidelman

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Rob in this induction are solely his and his alone and do not reflect those of Jim Williams, Carl Chenier, Wences Acosta, or anyone else associated with this site, and CLW83.com.

Edited on January 27th, 2013: After backlash from all sides on this induction, it was in the best interests of everyone involved that I edit this induction to take out the personal attacks on certain members of Golden Road and other comments that were deemed "poor judgment" in not only my own eyes after reading some of the comments, but those from inside the CLW83 Camp. There will be responses from Jim in the coming days and a direct response to the criticism from me as well in the next day or two.

Seidelman Note: Thanks to those who helped contribute to this induction.  The levels of everything here would be for naught if it wasn't for all of you.

Before doing this site, I worked for WrestleCrap doing about 6-7 "Jobber of the Week" columns for Blade Braxton and a full induction for RD. It was that work that got Blade to get into my ear and start this site. Being a fan of wrestling, I interacted with a bunch of fans who were in the know. Those people are called smarks, and there are 3 levels of them. The first level are called the #1s. These are the fans that know what's going on in the world of wrestling, and if they hate something they can point out why it doesn't sit well with them and do it in a manner that doesn't make peoples eyes roll. These are the types that usually do podcasts, like the North American Wrestling Connection or The Still Real To Us Podcast, both featured on Wrestlechat.net *smirk*. The second level are called #2s. These are fans that know what's going on, but they are so passionate sometimes that their judgment gets clouded. Think of these as your local team's sports fans like those for the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Flyers. The worst of all smarks are called the #3s. These are people who hate on everything about the shows, claim that they aren't going to watch anymore, but then are seen on the forums and websites checking out recaps because they didn't want to miss anything major happening on TV. These are the hypocritical douchenozzles that make going to certain forums and reading certain awards much more painful because they will always think the Japanese Wrestlers are much better than the ones who work for either WWE or TNA because they "work". They give wrestling fans a really bad name. I tell you all of that to say this.

The fandom between both wrestling and game shows aren't that different. You have your #1s who genuinely enjoy watching them and talking about them critically, such as Game Show Newsnet and Alex Davis of BuzzerBlog. You have your #2s, which are so passionate about a certain network and all of their faults that their judgment gets clouded, such as those who inhabit the soon to be offline GSN Forums. You usually find a mix of these on other forums, but you also get a mix of #3s of the game show world who can't come up with a coherent argument and when someone refutes them, they wind up lashing out in petty statements such as "Go Get Laid" or other statements that no one over the age of 15 would make. The biggest batch of #3s can be found on a big game show forum called Golden Road dot Net. Over the 15+ years of the forum's existence, every form of fan has been found there. However, over the course of that 15 years, the sane ones have been driven out as the show itself has changed. When the show changed, the forum then became the home of so-called Loyal Friends and True who were only Loyal Friends and True to the belief that their opinion of "Bob is the best and Drew Carey Sucks" is right, and if you try to refute them with anything, they will attack you with everything.

So, let's now talk about those Golden Fanbois. Jim Williams made a couple jokes referring to a typical Golden Fanboi in a recent "Dumb Answer of the Week". Basically, these are the fans who thought that Bob should still be hosting the show and any other host would be better than Drew. First of all, Bob retired. He said he was done after 35 years. Were we all shocked? Of course we were. Out of all the possible people to be selected to host "Price", Drew was probably the furthest thing from Bob. However, he makes up for it by actually wanting to talk to the contestants and making the show about others and not about him. The show now is just one giant party, and not a bunch of mindless sheep worshipping at the Altar of Bob that the show became over the last two or three seasons. If you also watch the last 4 or 5 seasons of the show, you could tell that Bob was phoning it in more often than not, and every other show had one of his patented "Historic Moments". Over the past 6 years, many people on the boards have said that Drew should be replaced. That level of dead horse beating is becoming unbearable. Not only that, Drew has to deal with following Bob Barker and to lesser extents in Tom Kennedy and Bill Cullen. Hardly anybody is going to top that. The Drew hatred gets so bad that people will hate on Drew's hosting even in threads where it's not even the main subject. One thread in particular talked about the French/Canadian version of the show that debuted sometime in 2011. On the same day, someone made a joke about how when someone said thank you in French, they were thankful that didn't get Drew Carey. After a member of the forums decide asked the right question of "Can we go one thread without bashing Drew Carey?" One of the big moderators of the board posted this.

 It should also be noted that this is the same guy that has in his signature that "I support the Price is Right by not supporting Drew Carey" However, in typical #3 hypocritical fashion, he has an FAQ regarding all 41 seasons of the show, and runs it and updates it daily. So, by watching "The Price Is Right", he is still supporting Drew Carey. If he wanted to support the first 35 seasons of the show, he would do what normal fanbois would do: petition a network to rerun said episodes, namely GSN, and he and his merry band of miscreants can watch all their classic Bob without sounding like a hypocritical douchebag. Now, this isn't saying that everyone on the board is a #3, quite a few people on there are sane and do provide good discussion. This induction isn't about them, but instead, it's about people like the poster above and others who post on the boards who act like Deity Barker rules over all.

The fanbois had their moment in the sun in 2008 when Dobkowitz got fired from the show. Currently that position is held by Mike Richards (The host of "The Pyramid", not Mark Richards the fraudulent scumbag who hosted the first 26 episodes of "Starcade" and ran a contestant school and asked for 20% of their winnings when they got on a show and won). Thanks to the moderators not knowing when to stop feeding their own rampant fans and spewing junk about how "TPIR IS DEAD WITHOUT DOBKOWITZ!!!!! THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!" and shutting down their own website because of it, actual game show websites with some form of credibility had to talk about these whining simpletons. 

BuzzerBlog did a two-part opinion piece on this with Cory Anotado playing the role of "Price Is Right Fan" where Alex Davis was playing the part of the "heartless apathetic bastard". In Anotado's piece, he said this about the fanboi's overreaction:
"With that in mind, I would request that the faction of the game show community that is freaking out kindly remove the twists in their panties and please calm the shit down. Everyone’s been throwing around these unsubstantiated rumors from “They’re getting rid of Contestant’s Row” to “They’re getting rid of 2 pricing games” to “They’re going to turn Rich Fields into a woman and then turn Richita Fields into a model!” (OK, maybe not that one.) The fact of the matter is, taping for season 37 is set to start in 2 weeks. Whatever changes they’re going to make won’t be that drastic"

Meanwhile, Alex said this in his persona:
All of this comes with the news that Fremantle wishes to take the show in a “new direction”. A “new direction” that people don’t know about and are already freaking the hell out about. A good deal of this comes from an absolutely terrible job of a popular Price fan site. Instead of calmly tell everyone the current situation and explaining what may happen, what the staff chose to do, to inform people of the situation, was tell people “Run away! We’re all going to die!” and suddenly shut things down out of emotion. It lead to a level of game show hysteria I’ve never seen before. It’s not exaggeration; read some of the message boards. You could even read my inbox which was literally flooded with emails of people complaining that I wasn’t investigating this situation well on July 4th. Instead of remembering all the great work Roger has done for the show and how much he’s meant to the game show community, people completely flipped out over rumors... It was seriously like the world ended to them. When you read about people literally in tears or close to tears (no joke) about a producer on a game show, it makes you really question the priorities of people. Questioning of priorities also came from the fact that we got an ungodly amount of emails angry at us for not publishing a story about this on July 4th. Were people that distraught over a game show that it couldn’t wait a day or two? I mean there are some people who have a close relationship to Roger and were upset, and I can understand that. The people who were just fans of the show and were in tears over this news shock me a bit. They are more enthusiastic over a game show than I could ever imagine....I think the important thing to realize is that it’s just a game show, no one completely knows what’s going on, and there’s no reason to go crazy over rumors and predictions."

Both of these guys were right on the money. They overreacted to rumors of change that never happened. What the fanbois lost sight on is what Alex Davis said at the end, "That it's just a game show". When the new website was put up, the old one was deleted to "Preserve the integrity of the site". The integrity of the site was long gone even before the new website was put up since it was the actions of the users that compromised it with the 2007 blow up over Barker retiring and the 2008 death blow of Dobkowitz being fired.

The overreactions of the site still exist to this day. In a thread started earlier this week when news broke about a kids special where 8-14 year olds would play with their parents set to tape on March 25th, the reaction has gone from those with a wait-and-see attitude, to those questioning the logistics of whether Contestants Row can handle 12 bodies, to those who curse Mark Richards for even trying something like this and saying that this idea is "Beyond f'n retarded". Oddly enough, Drew would say in a live chat that this idea came from Rich Fields and Drew liked it and decided to run with it. Personally, I am in the camp of it could be good, however it could easily go just as bad as the Teen Drivers special went.

I can talk about overreactions all day long, but there is a darker tone I need to go to so I can make this induction of the Golden Fanbois much more impactful. This next statement was sent to me via e-mail from a former Golden Road user. The user wishes to remain anonymous, and those wishes are respected. We're going back to when the announcement of Dobkowitz being fired happened. I'll let the e-mailer take it from there. 

In August of 2008, I lost the love of my life to cancer, in what has been the most absolutely heartbreaking experience of my life. The pain hasn't gone anyway, and I doubt it ever will. But, as you can imagine, the pain right after she passed away nearly killed me. My life during that stretch was a constant string of bawling my eyes out, trying to deal with various things related to her death, and trying to keep myself from going completely off the deep end. 

During that time, I still participated in the "Golden Fansite", and I had about a dozen members of the site on my AIM buddy list. And there were two of them who did a great deal to add even more pain during an already traumatic period - both of them on AIM.
The first was one who kept IM'ing me, constantly going bonkers over things that the new Richard/Greco regime were doing (or rumored to be doing). "Ohmigod, did you hear they're going to change it to four pricing games!?!" "Ohmigod, they're getting rid of the theme music!". The final straw came when, after repeatedly telling this person "My soulmate just died. I not only can't handle this, but I have far more important things on my mind than what the hell Fingers and Mike are doing!", they came to me one evening with "Did you hear what they did to 3 Strikes?!". I snapped and told them I'd had it, and repeated I'm dealing with more important things. They then replied "But this IS important! Don't you care what they are doing to the show?!"
This person became the first one to make it to my block list.
Yet another felt the need to give me constant and daily updates on the site drama. "Did you see what so-and-so posted today?" "So and so just mouthed off to Marc." "So and so just started a fight." "Bad news. So-and-so (who left, or was temporarily banned) is back." Yeah. Bad news. I have bad news: How about the fact the love of my life was now in an urn, waiting to be laid to rest. I didn't give a damn who was back on the forum. I was more concerned with the fact my soulmate WASN'T coming back. But, once again, that paled in comparison to the drama and hijinks of a message board.
This person temporarily became #2 on my block list until they apologized. Despite that, I haven't heard much from this person for 4 1/2 years now.
So, I'm sitting here with bated breath, awaiting your induction, and thinking "No matter how harsh it is, it probably isn't harsh enough". The crap you see on the forums themselves is bad enough, but there is so much behind-the-scenes nonsense (like this) that'd floor you. Many of these people do revolve their entire lives around TPIR, and fail to understand those that don't (even if they are - were - fans of the show, and a crisis has pushed a game show past the back burner and completely off the stove). Many of these people have no thoughts in their heads besides TPIR and how it affects their own lives.
Mind you, it's not all of them. I have met a few genuinely wonderful people there. I actually *gasp* consider Steve Gavazzi to be a friend, and when word spread about my loss, he checked in on me a few times, instead of discussing the show. Marc and John are both great guys. I've been real good friends with Alfonzo for years now. But, no, there's no denying the fact that for everyone like them, there are dozens who are cuckoo for TPIR puffs.

This made me furious when I read this. Someone tells you that a loved one of theirs died, and any sane person would reach out to you and offer their condolences and ask if there was anything they can do to help, such as send flowers to the gravesite. The furthest thing I would do is go on about how someone is ruining a damned game show. And this is all it is, just one goddamned game show. The world doesn't revolve around anything happening at Bob Barker Studios or whether Mike Richards wants to apply a face-lift to a pricing game or whether Drew Carey wants to do a stupid Twins Special.

When things happen in our personal lives that require more attention, we put our fandom down, and take care of our personal matters. For us at Game Show Garbage, whenever Jim has had to deal with his matters involving his family or call a basketball game, he doesn't think, "How does this impact the site?" He gets up and takes care of his family problems or goes and calls a basketball game. When our webmaster Carl has personal issues to deal with at home with his family or work, he takes care of those first, and not worry if the site will get uploaded by Saturday night. When Wences sees his husband in pain and goes to stay with him in the hospital, he doesn't think about what the fuck happened on American Idol or The X Factor; he's there with him so he has support and he's there until he gets better. When I have tons of homework to get done or when someone does something to me to go into a depressive state again, I don't think about the next induction and how to write it; I get my homework done or get through the depression by seeing my counselor and talking to my friends about it.

For all of you that thought that someone dying doesn't matter but did think what happens on Price Is Right matters most importantly, then you're the problem with the fandom. You're the ones that give the fandom a bad name. You guys seriously need to step away from the message boards, and get a grip with reality.