Updated: April 22nd, 2016

We are still working on reconfiguring the website to update it to this shape.  More sections are also coming.

The Wayney Awards have started with the voting for the Worst Show Of 2015-2016! The three finalists are TPIR's College Rivals Show, Celebrity Food Fight and First Impressions!  The voting started on August 2nd and will end September 1st.  Vote for what show you honestly believe is the worst! Here is the link to check out the finalists! 

First thing is that we are now on Patreon!  If you want to support our site and all the videos and projects that we have going, please do so by going to this address: www.patreon.com/gameshowgarbage

A brand new Games Of '90 is up on Win, Lose or Draw and it turns into something that we've never done before for the Games Of '90 series.

It turns into a brand new induction! The Robb Weller season of Win, Lose or Draw is our latest induction! Check it out in the inductions section.

A new 8-Bit Boys Of Summer has been uploaded to YouTube.  Be sure to check it out as we talk about the 2nd Baseball game on the NES and also the first game to use the MLBPA license: RBI Baseball!

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