Updated: October 19th, 2014

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Want a Internet version of Family Feud with a bunch of YouTube celebs?  No?  Too Bad, because you got one!


Thanks to Fremantle's Buzzr YouTube Channel, we get YouTube Family Feud!  It's the first Instant Induction in a long time, so check it out.

Tooncrap has a special gift for everyone.  It's a second brand new induction of the month!  Family Guy over the years has been much like the Jacksonville Jaguars as of late...completely awful and unwatchable.

Want proof?  Check out the induction of Seahorse Seashell Party right now!

Dumb Answer of the Week is back with a look at a special moment in stupidity from Price Is Right's Dream Car Week.  Check it out now!

In the commentaries, The Games Of '90 wraps up The Summer Of Nickelodeon with a look at the show that does anything and everything to find kids having fun.  Wild & Crazy Kids is up and really exciting!

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