Updated: March 26th, 2015

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Welcome to the website. We hope you enjoy your stay while maneuvering through all the garbage.

Game Show Garbage is back to take a look at a sample of the state of the game show host in the mid-late 2000s.

Test subject of this is Android #185dh3 aka Dylan Lane.  Take a look at a new induction.

Tooncrap returns once again with yet another look at the PSA Superhero Captain Planet.

This time he looks at the infamous AIDS episode, "A Formula For Hate".  Enjoy.

Dumb Answer of the Week is back as special guest star Mickey Mouse gives us a Wheel Of Fortune moment where we find out the mysterious 8th Dwarf.

The Games Of '90 is back once again with another revival, but this is no ordinary revival.  It's the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Supermarket Sweep!

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