This is it. The final Wayney award to be given out. This will wind down the Game Show Garbage era before we go into the Game Show Gumbo era and into a more positive regime. The 2018-2019 season of game shows kicked into high gear, especially in the summer. But still, we have 5 shows worthy enough of the not coveted Patrick Wayne award for Worst Game Show of 2018-2019. Here are the nominees.



TKO: Total Knockout (CBS)


Much like last years winner Candy Crush, TKO missed the deadline by a few days. The game itself is a bargain basement version of Wipeout with Kevin Hart as host. Who can go from understanding to AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! in no time flat to the annoyance of everyone. The worst thing is the way the contestants are managed, going from likeable in the intros to acting like pricks in the next segment because of reasons. All of this adds for an unenjoyable hour with yet another terrible tournament.



The Fall Of HQ (Quiz App)


The craze of the Quiz App is starting to die. With the failures of FN Genius last year and the sad cancellations of Confetti and countless others, it's even more depressing with HQ's gigantic fall from grace after the death of Colin Kroll. Rus Yusupov has done nothing to turn fortunes around and has been the center of controversy after firing dissidents in his own company and creating a toxic work environment. Not only that, the app has failed to pay countless players who have won amounts over $100, with the biggest names who won a $100,000 jackpot not being paid. Those names include former Jeopardy champion Alex Jacob.



Million Dollar Mile (CBS)


This is what happens when you don't playtest your show before launching it. The 2:00 Head Start was impossible to get any decent money out of it thanks to the "defenders" being pros at all the obstacles and the contestants getting little if any time trying out the obstacles. This, plus Tim Tebow being as ineffective as a host as he was a QB for the New York Jets all added up to being quite the miserable watch for the overwhelming majority of the time.



Wheel's Delicious Destinations Week (Syn.)


Season 36 for Wheel of Fortune was a gigantic dud. The show did nothing to make itself stand out from the pack. It took no risks, and had impossible to solve bonus puzzles. Delicious Destinations Week is the flagbearer for the entire season with an 0-5 record in the bonus game, minimal cash won, and even Pat and Vanna acting like they faxed in their performances. It's weeks like this that show the viewing public that they aren't missing anything by skipping out on Wheel and watching more Jeopardy and Family Feud.



Spin The Wheel (FOX)


Those that are calling it "The Wall With A Wheel" are missing the biggest point. The game is more fleshed out than The Wall and Dax Shepherd is someone I'd put on a game show immediately, but all the problems that The Wall has are amplified with Spin The Wheel. The disingenuious trappings of someone deserving a chance thanks to a sob story and an impossible to win Jackpot are there, but then you get to the Guardian Angel aspect of the game which drags the show down even further when you have a risktaker thinking they've won lifechanging amounts of money but then you get someone who is a total wussbag and takes a pittance because of reasons. Just have someone win or lose based on how they played the game, don't require another for faux-drama.


 Well, that's the list for the finalists.  For the last time, Vote for the worst!


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