Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

January 8th - January 14th, 2012

Text by: Jim Williams

If you're a loyal friend & true to "The Price is Right", you probably know how to play the majority of the show's pricing games.

This guy is not a loyal friend & true.

His name is Ian and he's the recipient of this week's Dumb Answer of the Week. He actually was the first to bid on an espresso set and bid the very "120" you see in the picture above...and he won his way on stage with that very bid!

Anyway, on the Tuesday, January 10th episode of "Price", Ian had the opportunity to win a lovely dining room set, tableware, and a nifty ice cream of the month club package worth almost $9,000. But, to win that prize package he would have to circumnavigate the following game.

"Now or Then"

As a refresher, 6 items are shown with price tags. Some of the prices are the "now" price for each product. Some of the prices are the price for said products from "then" or in this episode's case October of 2002.

The aim of the game is to correctly identify the now or then price of any 3 adjoining items.

Clockwise from the top, the products in the game this go round are a bottle of bleach, funfetti cake mix, throat drops, taco shells, kettle corn, and sparkling water.

Ian starts off with the bottle of Clorox bleach. Now or then price, Ian?

"I think it's higher."

This is not going well. Drew reminds him that the price is either the now price or the then price and Ian correctly chooses "then". So, he has the product at the top of the board.

Ian's next choice is the adjoining wedge to the left of the bleach.

Perrier water (BLEH).


So, he still can win by getting the two products that are to the lower right of the bleach. So, what does Ian decide to go with?

"Let's start with the kettle."

Uh, you only need two more to win, and you opt to start with the kettle corn in a non-adjoining spot. Okay...

He says the kettle corn price is the now price.

And he would be wrong.

In fairness, I might have been swayed by the word "new" on the actual product. Regardless, he had no reason to go to that product in the first place.

So, three products remain and he only needs two to win seeing as he has the bleach at the top. Logic dictates he should go with the funfetti cake mix that adjoins the bleach on the lower right. But. Ian's next move is...

"Let's start with the...let's start with the shells."

Okay, I am really wanting this guy to lose, and get off my screen.

He would correctly guess that the shells at $2.89 are the now price. So, now he's put himself in a position where he must get the last two products right or the game is over.

He goes up to the throat drops and correctly guesses that the $2.99 price is the now price.

"Now, you have three. But, you don't have three adjoining." - Drew Carey

So, it all comes down to the funfetti cake mix that he really should have went to a couple of minutes ago. Now or then, Ian?


As soon as he said it, the majority of the audience groaned.

And with good reason, because they knew it was the now price.

Ian didn't win Now or Then, but he did win this week's Dumb Answer of the Week and a dictionary, so he could learn what the word "adjoining" means.

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