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RIP Jim Williams
Top 6 Worst SNES Fighting Games
 Top 5 Guilty Pleasures
 What To Expect From Game Show Garbage
 Review - Steampunk'd
 History Of Fremantle Part 4 - The Fremantle Years (2008 - Present Day)
 Game Show Garbage: The Final Two Months & The Rest Of 2015
History Of Fremantle Part 3 - The Fremantle Years (2002-2007)
 History Of Fremantle Part 2 - The Pearson Years
History Of Fremantle Part 1 - The All-American Years
 Review: Celebrity Family Feud & Battlebots
 GSN's 2015 Slate: Why I am Weary
Top 5 Worst Game Shows of 2013-2014
 Year 5 and Beyond
Unscripted Top 5 - Best Game Shows of 2013-2014
Review - Idiotest
Review - Skin Wars
Wrestling With Wregret - Game Show Mania (collab)
Review - Bam's Badass Game Show
Radio (and Chuck Barris) Made Jim Lange & Geoff Edwards Household Names
 GSN In 2014 - A Look Forward
Review - Mind of a Man
 Game Show Garbage - 2014 and Beyond
 Random Thoughts of Randomness - The Randoming
 Reviews - Guy's Grocery Games & @midnight
 Doing The Math On The Plinko Special
Does Cedric Entertain on Millionaire
 Review - Cutthroat Kitchen
One Fan's Opinion: He Lost On "Jeopardy!"...Fairly
 The Six Degrees of Plinko - Coming This Fall on CBS
Review - Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Perfect Score
 2013 Daytime Emmy Winners and Thoughts
 2013 Daytime Emmy Nominations and Predictions
Game Show Garbage Going Forward
 Millionaire's Ending of an Era
 Too Many Cooking Shows Spoil the Broth
 "The Pyramid" Has Never Looked Better
Review - Beat The Chefs
Give The Pyramid A Chance
 Hip Hop Squares - A Review
 Good, Bad, Ugly: "The Price Is Right" Australia (By Jim Williams)
 I Met Josh Lewis & Didn't Have to Answer Any Questions! (By Jim Williams)
Pyramid & Dick Clark: Perfect Together (By Jim Williams)
Random Thoughts of Randomess - Tape Giveaway Edition
 Baseball IQ - Fair or Foul (By Jim Williams)
 100 Inductions and a Thank You
 The Fall Breakdown: 2011 Edition
 Game Show Garbage: Year 3
Robb Edward Morris & Facebook
 Reviews: It's Worth What? & Family Brainsurge
More Random Thoughts of Randomness
The New Lingo Has Its F-L-A-W-S (By Jim Williams)
Cancellations & Second Lives in Reruns
Random Thoughts of Randomness
 Doug Davidson's TNPIR & Why it won't be Inducted Anytime Soon
 Good, Bad, Ugly: TPIR Announcer Tryouts Pt. 2
E's Bridalplasty & Why It Shouldn't Exist
 Reviews: Sherri Shepherd on TNG & GSN's 1 Vs. 100
 The Hub's Game Show Offerings
Good, Bad, Ugly: TPIR Announcer Tryouts
 It Gets Better...
The New Millionaire
The Fall Breakdown: 2010
 And The Award Goes To........
Review: Downfall
Review: Late Night Liars
Review: The Whole 19 Yards
Review: Scream if you Know The Answer
Review: Baggage
Deal Me Out Again aka No More Monty Hall (April Fools Commentary)
 Five Simple Steps: How to Fix GSN
 Review: Minute To Win It
 Review: Instant Recall
Save Solitary...Save VAL
What's Old Is Crap Again
Deal Me Out
Carnie Wilson Unstapled & Hidden Agenda
The Return of Bob...Eubanks
The World Stops Turning
RIP Ken Ober
Benza Gets Bounced
The Fall Breakdown: Part 2
The Fall Breakdown: Part 1

Wences Acosta's take on the music shows that make his world spin.

Here you can see all of the columns written by our latest correspondent, Wences Acosta and his take on shows like The X Factor, America's Got Talent, American Idol, The Voice among others.

A Retrospect of The Voice + AGT Review
 A Commentary on Music Shows (aka The Downfall of it All)
 American Idol: First Live Week
A Quick Retrospective (Factor, Idol and Myself)
American Idol Third Auditions & A Live Typing
American Idol - The First Auditions
The X Factor Live Week 6 (Double Challenge)
The X Factor Live Week 5 (Number One Hits)
The X Factor Live Week 4 (Giving Thanks)
 The X Factor Live Week 3 (Diva Week)

The X Factor Live Week 2 (Going to the Movies)
The X Factor Live Week 1 (Live Show/Results)
The X Factor's Top 16 and my thoughts on who SHOULD Win

 The X Factor - Judges House Thoughts
The X Factor - Boot Camp episodes 1 & 2
The X Factor - Audition episodes 3 - 6
 The X Factor Week 1 (Among other notes)
The History of The X Factor Part 3
The History of The X Factor Part 2
The History of The X Factor Part 1

Three Friends, Three Wrestling Themes, Three Thumbs

Game Show Garbage is proud to house Wrestle Theme Reviews!  Enjoy Cornshaq, File91e and Kirayama's reviews of classic Wrestling themes and give them the thumbs up, thumbs down or somewhere in between.  New episodes every week!

Episode 27 - NO WAY! JOSE! NO WAY! JOSE!
Episode 26 - The Bull, The Wolf & The Club
 Episode 24 - The Wrestlemania 2016 Episode
 Episode 23 - The Hammer, The Best There Was and The Beaver
Episode 22 - Here Comes The Hardcore Country. SOS!
Episode 21 - The Only Good Thing About This Episode Was Rusev
Episode 20 - The Legacy of Stone Cold Italians
Episode 19 - The Phenomenal One
 Episode 18 - More Than One American Kidman
 Episode 17 - Ain't No Stoppin' The Midnight Express
Episode 16 - Blue Sandow News
Episode 15 - Yes, There Is A Xanta Claus
Episode XIV - In Honor Of Star Wars
Episode 13 - Sabu Hearst Palumbo
Episode 12 - Yip! We Ran Long
Episode 11 - Mankind Rejects SAWFT-ness
 Episode 10 - Halloween Special 2015
 Episode 9 - Team Extremely Unstable
 Episode 8 - Da Da! Da-da-da-da-da!
Episode 7 - Tag Team Week
Episode 6 - Sexual Nasty Chocolate Macho Manboys
Episode 5 - EC-DUB! EC-DUB! NXT!
Episode 4 - The Truth Is A-May-ay-ay-ay-Zing!
Episode 3 - Yankem, Mackem & Bullet Clubem
Episode 2 - We Hate Cena Memes
Episode 1 - The Grand Return

This is our newest podcast that livecaps each episode of GSN's The Chase along with members of Game Show Newsnet. Seasons 1-3 have been covered and GSN is in the middle of season 4 currently on Thursday nights.

Clicking on the links below will take you to the original post of each Chase-cast on

Series 1

The Chase-cast #1 - Premiere Night (8/6/13)
Episode 1: Clyde, Lisa, James
Episode 2: Heather, Cory, Jonathan

The Chase-cast #2 (8/13/13)
Episode 3: Moly, Christian, Aaron

The Chase-cast #3 (8/20/13)
Episode 4: Derek, David, Jamie

The Chase-cast #4 (8/27/13)
Episode 5: Robert, Jackie, Lindsey

The Chase-cast #5 - Series 1 Finale (9/3/13)
Episode 6: Dave, Lee Ann, Raj

Series 2

The Chase-cast #6 - Series 2 Premiere (11/5/13)
Episode 1: Bethany, Trevor, Mike

The Chase-cast #7 (11/12/13)
Episode 2: Jamie, Mark, Nathan

The Chase-cast #8 (11/19/13)
Episode 3: Jay, Faith, Mark

The Chase-cast #9 (12/3/13)
Episode 4: Jacob, Stephanie, Eric

The Chase-cast #10 (12/10/13)
Episode 5: Jamie, Jay, Steve
(Recorded originally for season 1)

The Chase-cast #11 (12/17/13)
Episode 6: Lety, Osahon, Adrienne

The Chase-cast #12 (1/7/14)
Episode 7: Jeremy, Arielle, Chris

The Chase-cast #13 (1/14/14)
Episode 8: James, Logan, Ariana

The Chase-cast #14 (1/21/14)
Episode 9: Anthony, Summera, Carl
(Recorded originally for season 1 and first recorded episode of entire series)

The Chase-cast #15 (1/28/14)
Episode 10: Julia, Louis, Miguel

The Chase-cast #16 - Series 2 Finale (2/4/14)
Episode 11: Laura, Eric, Damien





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