MMTV: Mediocre Music TV
Edition #5: The X Factor Audition Episodes 3-6

Written by: Wences Acosta

Hey guys, long time no hear. I will be the first to admit that these past few weeks have been VERY hectic on my end and I apologize to everyone for not keeping up my end of the bargain. Hopefully you guys will continue reading my articles, but for now I shall play catch-up. This past week, The 2 steps of Boot Camp this year aired, as we are now waiting for the last cut and The Judges House Rounds, and quite frankly in a season that started off so slow with the audition process, the show has quickly picked up steam. I shall go through the auditions very fast and spoil some things for those who were eliminated during the first cut of Boot Camp, but when I get to Boot Camp, I shall explain some things as to what is different this year, who I have HIGH expectations for come the next round and The Live Shows, and I shall give you my honest opinion this year as to who will win Judge Wise.

Let's Start With The Auditions Shall We? I will go through each person, from Ep #3 to #6, and just catch you up on my thoughts.

Rizzloe Jones: He brought freestyle to the table, but you could tell in his audition that he was sloppy, and just going along with the beat. I am not shocked that he is eliminated.

CeCe Frey: OMGB (Oh My God Becky), Can this gurl SING! (Yes, I spelled Girl right ^_^). (Seidelman note: No you didn't.) She has the Diva attitude (Capitol D), and I can she her in The Live Shows, especially after....well, I will get to that with Boot Camp

Vino Allen: Ay Papi Chulo, a big teddy bear who could sing AND has the looks....I want him on the live shows. He has the total package, and he has the drive, especially knowing about his child. Will get to him on Boot Camp, but I wanted to get out the way that I think he is very very fine.

Tate Stevens: From one bear to the next....they knew I was going to be watching this year lol. Can this man sing Country, and honestly re watching his audition....I am melting into the computer. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

*drinks some water*

Ok, who's next?

Citizen: Oy, The Boy Band. Do not get me wrong, they are awesome, and so far the most memorable of the groups besides Emblem3. However....I see DeJaVu of Stereo Hoggz in them. They sang En Vogues "Don't Let Go", and I like them...and I could see them in the live shows, but to win, I don't see it happening.

Diamond White: I am booking it now.....Diamond vs. Carly Rose. They have the voices and they have great presence. Only one can be the child breakout star this year. She sang It's a Man's World...and just wow. I want more of her.

Jessica Espinoza: Finally, we have a girl who brought a Pink song to the table and delivered. She was eliminated within Boot Camp's first cut, and I need to remember why....because if this first audition was any indication, she should have at LEAST made Judge's Houses

Willie Jones: He can sing country....for a little bit. He can do a deep voice, but to have his actual voice in this year.....he can't do it. I think he is going to be eliminated next episode, but I will explain why when I get there.

Julia Bullock: She MUST MAKE IT TO THE LIVE SHOW. She sane her version of Pumped Up Kicks, and she just brought her own version to the table. Besides Jannel, she is the one who just had something to her.

Krysten Colon: She did not make it, but I must say, if you want to watch what a Diva can do when angry, watch this video. It is worth it in sooo many ways. The things with her is I hope she comes back next year for good reason, she has a voice, but the mistake she makes that everyone else makes is that she was choosing songs that most singers can not reach in their vocal range. She went from Adele to Whitney Houston....girl, choose something that is not damn near impossible. That goes for anyone else who is looking to audition on these kinds of shows. I have seen it from AGT to Idol to X Factor....EVERYBODY HAS THEIR LIMITS. If you know your act can only go so far, then work slowly to take it farther, don't go from 0 to 60 within a week, take your time!!!

Dinah Jane Hansen: One of the few females in this world who could possibly outsing the original artist. She sang Beyonce's If I Was a Boy....and My God Becky, she was amazing. I can see her being cut only because the competition is fierce this year, but she is bringing fight to the table.

Arin Ray: To quote Daniel Bryan: YES! YES! YES! This is what you call a redemption song. He was a part of InTENsity last year, and he is going for the solo title this year. I want him to succeed, I want him on the live shows, I want him to go on and even make it to the finals if he can. I see potential with this kid.

Changyi Li: LOOK THIS VIDEO UP. I will sit here an wait.

*sits and waits*

Are you good? I will wait until you stop laughing because this video is just awesomely bad, where I can see her having a beautiful voice...but as an English singer, no.

David Correy: I want to get this out of the way, he is cute but his brothers are beautiful. With that said, his voice is nice, and I see him in the Judges House...but if he makes it to the live shows I can't see him winning. He has a Leroy Bell vibe to him, and I hope it changes soon. For now....he is safe.

Sophie Tweed-Simmons: As the kid of Gene Simmons, I am glad she is going this route over riding her dad's reputation. With that said, Demi said it best, she has a voice, she just needs to control it. I hope to see more from her, but it is highly unlikely seeing as I honestly didn't remember her until right now.

Tara Simon: As Daniel Bryan also says: NO! NO! NO! She should not have made it though, and honestly I am GLAD she is not past Round 1 of Boot Camp.

Daryl Black: Not memorable, ruined one of my favorite songs, and basically screams "Phillip Lomax" all over again. I hope and prey he is not in The Judges' Houses, As honestly I lost track of him.

#6: Note to Self: Never Play Catchup Again!
Trevor Moran: I liked his audition, not shocked that he is gone, BUT I will say that his performance of Sexy and I Know It is worth watching

Owen Stuart: The Best Rapper that they showed auditioning. His version of Airplanes is worth listening to, and even if he might not make it to Judges Houses, he should because if you were to watch his audition, he has something to him.

Freddie Combs: He will be eliminated from Boot Camp, but his version of Wind Beneath My Wings is just so beautiful.

Lauren Jaurequi: LOOK UP HER AUDITION NOW! I hardly recommend looking up good auditions, but she out sings Alicia Keys, and it is worth just laying back and listening to. Also, her dad is cute, but that has nothing to do with anything ^_^

Finally, Jordyn Foley: I wonder if she's any relation to Mick? Anyways, this is another video to look up, mainly because she is the definition of cuteness. She made it on her cuteness, and got eliminated once Boot Camp started because that is where you separate the Girls from the Women, but her audition is worth watching, if only for Simons Pain.