Because I am empty inside without friends, or with stuff to shill on my own!

Game Show Sites:

Game Show Newsnet: The best current news site for game shows out there.

Buzzerblog: Another game show news site, mainly GSN and other shows, ran by Alex Davis.

Ineligible Productions: The production company ran by former game show contestants and former staffers and fans of the genre.  May they find success on TV sooner rather than later.

Home Game Enterprizes: The home game arm of Ineligible Productions


The Best of The Worst Of.....Sites:

Wrestlecrap: For without this Worst of Pro Wrestling site, this site would never exist.

MonsterCrap: It's just like Wrestlecrap, but just with bad movies.  Either way, still funny.

Infomercial Agony: The site that enshrined Joe Farago acting like a dope before I even thought of it.

Tooncrap: A new website dedicated to crappy cartoons and animated movies, such as The Return of Jafar.


Friends of Game Show Garbage: My friend Nikki Heymans' website depicting her merry adventures in wrestling. A fantastic UK Pop Culture website with great features like That TV Thing & One Word Or Less Comic Reviews.  It's also the exclusive home for Robert Seidelman's US Vs. UK column with site leader, Chris Nelson.

Neufutur: A great online version of the mid-west bimonthly media review magazine.

Tony's Reviewin' Thangs: My Friend Tony Tucker's new blog where he reviews various albums and thangs.  Go Check it out! It's the home to all of the happenings on WrestleCrapRadio, including detailed breakdowns of each show. They now also host their new show "The RD and Blade Show".

Girls Watch Wrestling: A great new blog featuring Michelle Smith and others as they break down the world of professional wrestling through the eyes of a female wrestling fan. Great news site for all your wrestling needs. It also sponsors a podcast I hosted for 3 years from 2007-2010.

Jim Williams On The Air: Jim's personal website that showcases his work in the broadcasting field.