The masterminds behind Game Show Garbage


The Head Honcho...or lack thereof.

Born: August 30th, 1986

Current Residence: Tacoma, Washington

Aliases: Sigmafan, Sigma, Dr. Robert Q. Spideyman

Education: Associates of Technology Degree in Broadcast Production Technology from Bates Technical College in Tacoma, Washington & currently a junior at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA

Hobbies: Game Shows (obviously), Video Games, 80s Music (Gotta Love Huey Lewis & The News), Wrestling, Various Sports, Cooking, among other things that are cool, well at least to me.

Inspiration for the site: The inspiration of this site came from a phone conversation with Blade Braxton from WrestleCrap. We were talking about various game shows and he came up with the idea of me doing a website dedicated to the worst in Game Shows, seeing as how I know quite a bit about game shows of the past & present. So, starting in September, I ran with the idea & started up the site. Without his inspiration and giving me the prodding that I needed to do this, this site wouldn't exist. So, I thank him for this.

Trading: I have been asked if people wanted to do some trading with me, and now here's your chance. I'm always looking for potential inductions, whether they be from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, what have you. So, here's the link to my collection. Hopefully, you'll see some stuff that'll interest you.

If there are any other questions or things you'd like to know, then you can contact me via e-mail at or find me on Facebook right here and on Twitter right here. I hope you enjoy the website.



Jim pictured with Josh Lewis from Spike's "Repo Games". Don't worry, he was never a contestant on the show.

Jim Williams serves as the Dumb Answer of the Week reporter for Game Show Garbage. Jim also occasionally writes inductions and produces select videos for GSG's YouTube channel. Additionally, he serves as GSG's graphic designer and is the man behind the various GSG-related shirts available through WilliamsWear.

Away from the site, Jim serves as the public address announcer for Cumberland County College athletics, a position he has held since 2003. He has also been a play by play commentator for high school & collegiate sporting events throughout Southern New Jersey.

Jim was an on air personality for WSNJ-AM from 2005-2009 and currently works as a freelance announcer for Bridgeton, NJ based LIFT FM.


Earliest Game Show Memory: "It would probably be watching 'The Price is Right' with my Granny. She and I were really the only people in my family who watched game shows."

Favorite Game Show: "$25,000/$100,000 Pyramid with Dick Clark. I've always been a fan of word association games. And, for what it's worth, I think I could hold my own in the Winner's Circle."

Game Show Experiences: "I won over $2,000 on GSN Radio and another $200 from I served as the voiceover announcer for a game show called 'Jacked Trivia' produced by my friend Tyler Brown for Murray State University, and soon I will be lending my voice to an original game for Facebook."

How do you define Game Show Garbage?: "Aside from having Pat Bullard cast as your host? *Laughs* A game show that has a format with more holes than Swiss cheese, has a host that cannot execute the most basic emcee skills, and comes off as being forced is a combination guaranteed to make me say 'Game Show Garbage'. So, that takes care of the majority of modern game shows."

What's the biggest problem with modern game shows?: "Most of today's game shows are so heavily edited, and come off looking like they're forced. Part of what made shows like 'Match Game' and 'Password' classic is the fact that while you had a structured game, there was always a bit of spontaneity. Someone could flub a clue or say something that you wouldn't expect. In my opinion, that natural flow is sorely lacking in today's era of heavy editing and post production."



Carl Chenier is the guy who has helped Rob with some of the technical aspects to make Game Show Garbage what it is today. He's also responsible for hosting the site on his server and is the one who was able to get our domain name secured. Away from helping out, he runs a podcasting network called clw83 along with Jim Williams and the help of other fellow podcasters.

Away from Internet life, he's a truck stop maintenance worker who's had his fair share of not so fond life experiences, but he managed to get through every trial and tribulation.

Earliest Game Show Memory: "Watching the USA Game Show Block as a kid with shows like Tic Tac Dough (Wink), Sale of the Century, Scrabble, Press Your Luck, and many more."

You can find Carl on
Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and browse his interests on YouTube.

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