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My most wanted episodes

Any Game Show that is deemed Bad or Horrible or had a really bad moment on the show, i.e. stupid contestants
Remote Control
Sale of the Century
Tic Tac Dough
The Joker's Wild
Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy (Anything pre-1994)
Supermarket Sweep
Shop til You Drop
Strike It Rich (Any Version)
Double Dare (Any version minus 2000)
UK Versions of US Game Shows

Collection A-J
Collection K-Z
All of my Family Feud Episodes
All of my Password Episodes
All of my Card Sharks Episodes

All of my Starcade Episodes
All of my Double Dare Episodes
All of my Hollywood Squares Episodes

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YES! I am taking new trades.

The people who I'd like to thank for trading with me in the past:

Adam Nedeff
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Rob Homa
Mark Selby
Nick Treadway (2)
Phil Cousin
Andrew Greive (2)
Dustin Dumovich (3)
Joe Raygor (2)
Carl Chenier (3)
Maryanne Cunliffe (2)
Marc Power
Matt Kaiser (2)
Greg Brobeck
David Barkow (4)
Sean "Kidsplash" Davidson (2)
Chris Tuskowski
Paul D.
D.C. Lundberg (3)
Greg Garsten (3)
Trent McSwain
Wrestlecrap's own Blade Braxton
Jon Plecz
Chris Clark
Brian Schwartz
Rob Adam
Paolo Burgos
Kenny Potocki
John C. (3)
Frank Dunat
Ryan Rinkerman (Eleventy Billion)
Nolan P. (2)
James Day
Chuck Donegan
Brendan Evans
Zach Ellis
Josh Leeman
Nick Casiano
Yarnel Nicolas