MMTV: Mediocre Music TV
Edition #4: The X Factor Week 1 (among other notes)

Written by: Wences Acosta

Well boys and girls, this week was a very magical week in the music and television world. Glee opened up Season 4 with amazing covers of "Call Me Maybe" from Carly Rae Jepson, "Chasing Pavements" from Adele, "It's Time" from Imagine Dragons, and "New York State of Mind" from Billy Joel. Those last 2 were showstealers in my book. Honestly in my opinion, now would be the time to get into Glee. I digress though.

This week, there were 3 Major Factors: The Finale Factor with AGT, The Premiere Factor with The voice, and of course.....The X Factor.

First I shall touch on The voice, since that is the show I have the least to talk about. Now, I have been a big supporter of The Voice since it started last year, and when Season 2 made it's debut after the 2012 Super Bowl, I realized at that moment....The Show Jumped The Shark. For those of you who do not know what that means, that means the show did something early on that it could have saved for a future occasion. NBC laid down their chips, and don't get me wrong Season 2 (from what I saw) was really good.....this week though, when Season 3 come on, I just felt one thing: BORED. It lacks the spark that it used to have, and I feel like it gets what I call "Idol Syndrome". That is when the judges always talk about the same things (In this case it's who won what season, which judge goes with what music, etc.). No performances so far have stuck out to me, and honestly with The X Factor out, this is a season I will miss, and the best part is I probably won't regret it. Maybe I will a little, because this is Christina's last season, but that is besides the point.

Next up....The America's Got Talent Finale. I will get this out of the way: This was the best season of the show. Out of all 7 Years, this was the season where it was anybody's ballgame, This is the first season since Season 2 where a Singer did not win (which I am thankful for), and this season with bringing in Howard Stern brought it's game up in judging. Of course, I am a tad bit sad that Sharon Osbourne is leaving, but I am sure the show can find someone else who can fill that seat. With that said, there is ONE gripe I had with this season: Personally, The Olate Dogs should not have won. Along with The Untouchables, they were the only 2 acts I believe could not hold a show in Vegas (which is what the show is about). You had 4 other good acts in Amazing Painters, A Sand Artist, A Man who makes his own instruments, and A Comedian who finished in Second Place but rightfuly deserved first. In the end, I did enjoy this season, and I will be tuning in next year as well.

Line of the Year: After The Olate Dogs won, Nick Cannon was getting an interview with Tom Cotter, when he said "Don't worry, I will fall down these stairs and get my own million dollars". That moment had me laughing out loud

Now, for the main event, and The Reason I started MMTV: The X Factor

I am sure you guys read my article on The History of The X Factor, and if not, I am sure the links will come up soon from Robert.

A couple notes before I get into my opinion, which is some of the new things I noticed for this season: I am in love with the set. I understand where they are coming from in trying to get away from the red X because of AGT or whatever reason they have, but I like it. Another thing I like that I have seen so far is the mixing of auditions. So that way instead of waiting for a certain show to pop up to see how your city did, you can watch and see if your city shows up, to me that is genius. On to the judges, Simon and L.A. are back as ever, allthough to be fair, L.A. Reid seems more cautious this year which could go either way around. Simon is being Simon as always. As for the new judges.....let me get this out of the way right now, these 2 are double edged swords. Demi Lovato has to be up there on the worse judge list. I love her music, but to constantly hear how cute a guy is and how a contestant has swag can get a bit annoying at times (To be fair, I talk about how cute guys are in the privacy of my own conversations thank you very much). As for Britney, she NEEDS to stay on this show as long as she can. She is the voice of reason when it comes to Youth acts, not Demi. She knows what she is talking about, and she steals the show from the rest of the judges. I know she has to go back to making music at some point (heck Glee is having abother Britney Spears tribute this thursday), however I really think that after all she has done in her career, this is what she was meant to do.

Now for the bad news....I said this on another site, and I will say it here: The Reason X Factor isn't off to a fast start like everyone expected is because I didn't audition. I know, it's a shocker, but I am the man that makes people scream "Shut Up and Take My Money!".

With my ego trip out of the way, the real reason why it's not off to a good start: Nothing Memorable has Happened. Let me explain, sure you have had a couple moments this year (Britney's Stalker and Britney's Old Friend come to mind, wait a second....I SEE A PATTERN!), but nothing in the lines of OMG Performances. Don't get me wrong, there are some really good acts this year so far from the 2 eps I have seen, but last year came out the gates with Chris Rene and Marcus Canty amongst others, this season has had nobody who stuck out to me as a serious contender to win. Contender for The Live SHows? Of Course! But to go all the way and win, that's a horse of a different color.

Now, with that out of the way, here are some random top picks from those who have made it to Boot Camp (and random comments):

Emblem3: The first band who they shown, and the fact that they did an original song is incredible. I can see them for The Live Shows, hopefully they can make an impact better then last years Group Category.

Jillian Jenson: Sang "Who You Are" from Jessie J. Now, this was the emotional story of the first night, and her version of the song was good.....I just can't see her past Boot Camp. If she makes it to The Live Shows, I will be happy, but I doubt it. Here's hoping though

Jannel Garcia: YES! YES! YES! We need a girl who can rock out and the fact that she just screams INDIE makes me geek out for her more. She is one to look out for.

Johnny Maxwell: Night 2 showed this kid doing an original song, and let me go on a quick rant.....People, it is nice if you do original songs, but just because you do doesn't mean it will work every single time! Luckily for him, it worked. His chorus was catchy, his rhymes were on point, and I can definitely see him in The Live Shows this year.

Jason Brock: Wow, talk about a queen. I thought I would have stolen the show, but Jason is both fabulous and cute (Oh crap I slipped, forgive me). He has the voice, he has the personality, and he is the only one remotely close to being in The Winner's Circle for me.

Finally: Carly Rose Sonenclar: Rachel Crow, eat your heart out. She stops everyone in her tracks, and her voice is just simply amazing. I can see her going very far. She may meet the same fate as Rachel last year, but she will not go down without a fight.

With that said, I am out this week with one last comment: I SUPPORT NICKI MINAJ AS AMERICAN IDOL JUDGE! I am starting to dislike her as a person but her music is amazing, and I can't wait to see her input for a show like Idol.

Tune in Next Week and See if I am impressed then with The X Factor =)