MMTV: Mediocre Music TV
Edition #14: The X factor Live Week 6 (Double Challenge)

Written by: Wences Acosta

Well folks, we are almost there. 6 Acts remaining, and with 3 Shows left, bodies will start falling left and right. This week, we have to do 2 songs: An Unplugged Song ala MTV Style, and a Pepsi Challenge that we as fans have chosen for all the acts. Tonight can either be really good or really crappy, so let's just dive in.


1) CeCe Frey "The Edge of Glory"
This is a great way to start off the show in Miss CeCe Frey going with less and sticking with just a piano and her vocals. I wish she would have went with a different song, as this is somewhat overused in all reality singing shows like this, she does an excellent job at trying Gaga. She has the energy that Gaga has when she does the piano thing, while mixing in a bit of what Amy Lee from Evanescence does. It wasn't too much, it was just right. Well Done.

2) Emblem3 "Just The Way You Are"
Why is it everytime we see these guys in the intro video, they are shopping? I would insert a gay joke, but that would be too easy. With that said, this song choice....Yeah, ya'll fucked up. It is a good song, but these kids do NOT have the vocal range to pull off Bruno Mars and it shows here. It sounds straining, and I have to agree at this point the only reason they are still here is because they are young and "good looking". Do not listen to this unless you want your ears to bleed.

3) Carly Rose Sonenclar "As Long As You Love Me"
So, she just outdid Justin Bieber. I am not even lying and am not worrying about Bieber fans coming after me, they would have to know where I live first. She takes this typical Bieber song and just makes it her own and blows my expectations away with her voice like she always does. There is no stopping her at this point, so we might as well give her the title now.

4) Fifth Harmony "Set Fire to The Rain"
You know, I didn't realize that you could make an Adele song so bland until I saw this. It was good, especially for them, but it felt like it dragged on and I just couldn't get into this.

5) Diamond White "It's a Man's World"
So Diamond just brought herself back into the race with this based on the fact this really is a different side of her. This blues style that seems to have a bit of Alicia Keys into it really was what she needed, and it was one of the better performances of the night or at least of this round of going unplugged.

6) Tate Stevens "Living on a Prayer"
This is Tate's second attempt at a Bon Jovi song, the first being his Movie Week song "Wanted Dead or Alive". Besides making a comment that this is REALLY predictable on his end, this is the first song in a while that sounds like it is his own. As I have mentioned before, I am by no means a country fan and I am barely a Tate Stevens fan, but this performance was really good.

Points This Round: Tate, Diamond, and Carly

Pepsi Challenge:

1) CeCe Frey "Part of Me"
Off Note: I chose "Die Young" dammit!. It does not matter, because this performance is Ke Dollar Sign Ha performing a Katy Perry song. She brings a fierce and fabulous attitude to the stage that is a great way to start this round and her high not sends chills down my spine. Great job for CeCe.

2) Emblem3 "Forever Young"
Ok, I did I fact vote for this song for them, but it's not that complicated of a song, so that means they could do a good job right? NOPE! They fall back into One Direction syndrome, their voices do not match for this song, and if they stay, I will be shocked.

3) Carly Rose Sonenclar "If I Were a Boy"
I voted for this song as well, and I must say as much as this is going to pain me: This is an awesome performance, outdoing the original Beyonce version, but this was not her best. I loved earlier's performance, and while this was great, she could have done better.

4) Fifth Harmony "Give Your Heart a Break"
Really guys? I know Demi is a judge here, but really? Though hearing Demi Lovato say "WIN" is awesome. With that said...It was good. Not great by any means but not bad, and I will give them credit this song now sounds like it was meant for a girl group and to hear Dinah hit that solo note was incredible. So, good job overall.

5) Diamond White "Diamonds"
Damn you America for choosing the most predictable song! I think I called this being a song choice a few weeks ago but not sure. I will say I love her descending down from the diamond, that was fabulous. The thing is that she overdid this song and she overdid it badly. It would have been nice to get one or 2 high notes but no, she does the whole song loudly and it works against her. She did incredible earlier, but this was just torture.

6) Tate Stevens "If Tomorrow Never Comes"
I can't end like this...I just can't. This song really was boring, even by Tate's standards. He does a usual Tate Stevens performance, but damn if I wasn't falling asleep through this. It was ok, but some of it just felt so boring.

Points This Round: CeCe, Carly, and Fifth Harmony. If my calculations are correct, Emblem3 should be GONE

Automatic Elimination: CeCe Frey
...And of course, the one to go home is the one who has been improving but still struggling in the rankings. I don't agree with this decision, and I honestly thought we would have CeCe in the Semi Finals, making it one act per judge, but I can't do anything this time around. What is done has been done, and I honestly wish she could've been here just for one more week.

Final Showdown: Fifth Harmony (W) vs. Diamond White (L)
Fifth Harmony chose "Anytime You Need a Friend" from Mariah Carey, while Diamond White chose "I Hope You Dance" from Lee Ann Womack. This is Fifth Harmony's second time here (Won against Sister C), while this is Diamonds third time here (Lost against Arin Ray, Won against Vino Alan). Fifth Harmony brought out the big guns and just sounded like a Diva Army during their performance and just above and beyond went to somewhere they haven't been in a while. Diamond was just ok here, and while usually her ok is good at this point of the show Ok is not good enough. I am sad Diamond is going home, but honestly I should have seen this coming, in fact I think I did see this coming.

So, with that said, next week: The Semifinals. The shit is about to hit the fan folks. Tune in next week to find out where we go with this!

My Top 4 (Minus CeCe Frey and Diamond White)
1. Carly Rose Sonenclar
2. Emblem3
3. Tate Stevens
4. Fifth Harmony

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