MMTV: Mediocre Music TV
Edition #13: The X factor Live Week 5 (Number One Hits)

Written by: Wences Acosta

So, how do you move on from a Double Elimination for the Holidays? You have a double elimination while the contestants sings songs that either we are going to love or hate, with no middle ground! Yay! Let's jump in this week, and hope for the best.

1. Diamond White "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"
Really? Why are we continuing to do Whitney? I get that she was supposed to be a judge, but c'mon!. With that said, this is a very enjoyable performance, and even though her voice isn't up there with some of the other acts, she still knows how to entertain and that is amazing. I can honestly say I really did love this performance and this is a great way to start the night.

2. Vino Alan "You've Lost That Loving Feeling"
Vino, congratulations, you just fucked yourself over! The intro video stated that L.A. changed the song on him mid rehearsal (Like that worked the last time this happened) and here is what makes me mad: Not only does he change his song from "Never Ever" which is a really good oldie that could have really done things with his voice, and starts to contemplate "Too Close" from Alex Clare which is tied at #5 on my worst songs of 2012 list (next to Calvin Harris "Feel So Close"), but then they choose this song which as much as I love oldies, this contradicts what L.A. was going for. L.A. wanted a song that didn't bore him by the end, and by god was this song an energy drainer. Don't get me wrong, when the song started it really had potential, but as the song went into the chorus it was all downhill from there. He was trying to hard and I just felt bored with this. Vino, I have you at #2, but honestly you need to go ASAP.

3. Paige Thomas "Never Gonna Give You Up"
I will admit, I did NOT see this coming. As many times as we have been rick rolled, this was a good call. With that said, I loved what she brought to the performance , and this was the best song for her....My only issue is it felt like a time capsule. Let me explain: Does anyone here remember in the early to mid 90's when musicians were either trying the RnB thing or the dance thing or the Hip Hop thing and only came out with the one song then faded out like nothing happened? Anyone? Robert?. The point I am making is that she seems like someone who would come out, have this as here song and just fade out. I really hope she goes through, because I really like her, but hopefully she does better then this.

4. Fifth Harmony "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)"
Oh god, why of all songs did we go with this one?. First off, I do feel for Ally losing her grandfather and my prayers are to her even after this show. With that said though, this was a poor song choice. I get why they did it, but I don't even like the original Kelly Clarkson version. The one positive I can give is the fact that this version, even by a little, sounded more like a song from a Girl Group then a song by Kelly Clarkson. With that said, they will probably get votes, but with 2 bland performances in a row between this week and last week, I can't see them holding on for much longer.

5. Carly Rose Sonenclar "Rolling In The Deep"
Let me get this out of the way: DIVA FAN! OMG IT IS A DIVA FAN!!!!!. With that said, good god this was a perfect performance. I honestly think that this does better then Adele believe it or not. I agree with Simon in the sense that the first half was great but the second half....jesus that just blew my mind away. She should have saved this for the finals, but I will say this, if she doesn't come in first in the rankings again, I will be shocked as all hell

6. Tate Stevens "Somebody Like You"
Meh. That is all I can really say at this point, I mean it's a good performance for him and like Britney said I can in fact see him accepting a Country Music Award sometime in the future, thing is though this is just another Tate Stevens performance. Nothing new to the table, and even though it's still good, I'm just wishing for something new at this point.

7. CeCe Frey "Lady Marmalade"
CeCe, what the hell are you thinking? She didn't do this song well at all, I don't know what they were going for with the dancers and everything, and worse part is I think this gave Simon a chubby. I didn't like this at all, and even though she had the chance to leave her impression with this song, she didn't. Gone!

8. Emblem3 "I'm a Believer"
This is a weird way to end the show. On one hand, I completely HATE the song choice with a passion and their voices are so irritating with this song. On the other, I loved the energy they brought to it, I loved the audience participation parts, I even liked the one guy rapping for once. Overall, I will give it a pass. It will be nowhere near the top, but has no place on the bottom.

Automatic Elimination: Paige Thomas
WHAT THE FUCK?!? I can honestly say I am shocked with this. In a night where you had a few acts stand out as bad, Paige should have been nowhere near the bottom. This is the most shocking elimination for me so far, and I will legit miss her. I will say this much though, at least all her fans voted for her...

(Quoted from Wikipedia)

During the voting period following the fifth live show on November, many voters reported of having their votes "rejected" and their calls cut off when attempting to vote for Paige Thomas; Thomas was eliminated the following night. Fox and The X Factor affiliates have not confirmed or denied whether this had anything to do with Thomas' subsequent elimination the following night.

(End Quote)


Singoff: Diamond White (W) vs. Vino Aalan (L)
Diamond chose Beyonce's "I Was Here" while Vino chose "Trouble" from Ray LaMontagne. This is Diamond WHite's Second Showdown (The first one she lost to Arin Ray), while this is Vino's first time in the hot seat. Diamond starts off in what I must call one of the most chilling performances of a Beyonce song that I can hear. I can say that Diamond should not have been anywhere near the bottom, and this performance proves it. Vino needs to pull out a miracle here...and by all that is good he did. This is the Vino that we all know and love, and he brought back his style. Unfortunately, Vino got sent home 3-1, and I must admit this: As much as I hated Vino's choices during the live shows, this Final Showdown had him go down fighting and I love that.

Wwell folks we are down to 6. By the looks of Wiki, we have 2 weeks and then the finale which means next week will be one last Double Elimination, the week after will be a lowest votes elimination, and then the finale. Until next week guys, take care.

My Top 6 (Minus Paige and Vino)
1. Carly Rose Sonenclair (Britney)
2. Emblem3 (Simon)
3. Tate Stevens (L.A.)
4. Diamond White (Britney)
5. CeCe Frey (Demi)
6. Fifth Harmony (Simon)

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