To kick off Year 9, we are going Viewer's Choice all year for 6 inductions.  The first one will be horror based and here are your four choices!

FREDDY'S NIGHTMARES: JUDY MILLER, COME ON DOWN - An episode from the Nightmare on Elm Street TV Series where Judy Miller appears on a game show to win big bucks and while doing so, kills off her in-laws.  Afterwards, she's visited by her future self to warn her to give up the fortune...or become a killer in real life.  Notable for Larry Andersen doing his best hosting job ever.

CHILDREN OF THE CORN II: THE FINAL SACRIFICE - Awww, can't we have just one more sacrifice?  Well, Stone-Stanley Productions thought so and decided to produce the sequel to Children of the Corn.  The was nowhere near as good as the first one and made it about as creepy as Grandma Curmudgeon.

MASQUERADE PARTY - The only true game show on this list, however it still is a horror.  Richard Dawson's first hosting experience is a really lame take-off of What's My Line's Mystery Guest segment, but only in costume.  The entire show is the same bit stretched to unbearble lengths and not even Dawson's sharpness and wit could save this show.

GODDESS OF LOVE - The real horror is Vanna White's acting in this awful movie.  Starring David Naughton alongside Vanna, it's a terrible fantasy movie that cost NBC dearly in this debacle of a film in terms of ratings, and Vanna's reputation that made people wish that she would just stick to what she knew...turning letters on Wheel of Fortune.

The poll will end on October 1st and the winner will be inducted on Halloween!

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