We'd like to take this poll and thank all of the Patreon backers for supporting this site and the videos and everything that we do! So, this viewers choice poll is all their choices. So, here are the four shows that they have put up on the ballot for induction.

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TELE-QUEST - Remember the Family Channel Interactive Games such as Jumble, Shuffle and Boggle? Well, this is the pregenetor of all of those. Take away Wink Martindale's adeptness in hosting and slick production and you get a dreary and awfully boring show. What makes matters worse that it was little more than a front to siphon money from saps who would play, thinking they would win $100,000 if they won the playoff...which never happened.

RED OR BLACK - We're going to the UK for this massive failure. Not only was this a gigantic exercise in one or the other, but it was a 10 minute idea stretched to unbearable lengths so much that not even the competent Ant and Dec could save this one. Add in the controversy factor of having a gambling element in the end game, and it was deemed the Worst Game Show Of 2011 on

GENIUS JUNIOR - Our rule is that we normally don't have shows that are currently on the air on the polls, but we made an exception for this poll. The Patron who suggested this one doesn't like this show at all with the generic looking set, Neil Patrick Harris being super smarmy and overall just not an ejoyable experience when it is all said and done.

TOP 5 WORST MOMENTS OF HELL'S KITCHEN SEASON 4 - Who doesn't love seeing Gordon Ramsay verbally abusing crappy chefs left and right? Well, we've done three seasons, now we're doing Season 4 and it proves to have more donkey moments than any other season prior to this! Gordon Ramsay bangs his head in frustration over Jason's sexism and ineptness, and we all bang our heads with Matt and Jen making it farther than they ever should!

The poll will end on June 1st and will be inducted near the end of the month!

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