A brand new year is upon us and it's time to talk about February. We had a special month dedicated for February and it was Love Sucks Month. Since we've stopped doing multiple inductions a month, Love Sucks went the way of The Price Is Wrong Month and UK Month. However, it's being brought back in spirit for our February Viewer's Choice poll! If you'd like to have your voice in the rest of the Viewers Choice Polls and decide what gets nominated, head on over to and become a backer for as little as $1 today! Here are the four shows up for nomination!

JUST LIKE MOM! - Our only Patreon Pick this time around, but damn if it isn't a good one. While kids game shows are a tricky mistress to pull off, this one didn't work at all with a lame Newlywed Game Ripoff in front, a terrible cooking round that was more cringeworthy than entertaining, and to top it all off: Fergie Oliver aka Ferg The Perv of YouTube Fame.

HOT SEAT - While we're not talking about the Australian Millionaire on here, the 1976 Jim Peck Disasterpiece is very worthy of trashing. While Jim was about as comfortable as he was on 3's A Crowd, he was met with another piece of crap format that melded The Newlywed Game and a lie detector. Needless to say, this should only be a Maury Povich schtick and not something made into a full 30 minute game show

HOW'S YOUR MOTHER IN LAW? - One word: Barris. After the success of both The Newlywed Game and The Dating Game, he created what could be his 2nd worst game show of all time: All it was is 3 Mother in laws and 3 comedians trying to put over their Mother in Law partner to a jury to see what Mother In Law they would want. Barris himself said the format was crap in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

FAMILY SECRETS - Oh, Bob. What might be his 2nd worst game show after Diamond Head Game, Bob hosts yet another Newlywed Game knockoff that involved the whole family of Mom, Dad and kid in order to sell their souls for a toaster so to speak. The Lame format is one thing, but add in controversy of a fradulent family playing the game and you have a recipe for disaster that saw the show last 60 episodes.

The poll will end on February 1st and will be inducted near the end of the month!

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