There are certain things you need to get right when it comes to having a successful game show and one of them is to pick the right host for the job. In the extremes you'll get someone who is just perfect for the show, but then you get someone who is just so out of place that it's mindboggling. This time around we have four candidates for inductions that fall into the category of gigantic miscastings. Be sure to vote for what you think is the most deserving of an induction on this site.

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MATCH GAME HOLLYWOOD SQUARES HOUR - A Patreon Pick this time around and this time, it's for one of the most legendary miscastings by Mark Goodson. While the idea is sound and the Match Game part being just as good as it ever was, The Hollywood Squares part was awful. Bauman couldn't host his way out of a paper bag and the execution of the entire Hollywood Squares half was something that wouldn't be rectified until the John Davidson version in 1986. It was so bad that the long-standing rumor is that Gene Rayburn has it embargoed.

EVIL IN THE DEEP - I got a lot of positive feedback on my Goddess of Love and A Star In The Breaking inductions that it seems right to do a third one with a big miscasting of Chuck Woolery in this movie, thinking he could act as well as he could get a second Top 40 hit. Bad scriptwriting and bad cinematography has left this bad movie linger in the public domain for years.

THE GONG SHOW W/JOHN BARBOUR - Hooo Boy. If there ever was a case of a host simply not getting it, this was it. John Barbour was just awful at everything here from the banter, to introducing the celebs to actually thinking that The Gong Show was a great way to get noticed in the way of mainstream talent. This was so bad that the show never aired originally and Chuck Barris had to take over the reins for himself. The rest as we say is history.

TOP 5 WORST GREGGO GAME SHOWS - This one was a request by a lot of his fans. While Greggo has done a lot of great shows such as Anime Press Your Luck, Farkle and Pokemon Game Show, he has had a lot of gigantic miscasts in his long 18 year career. This induction will look at the top 5 of his worst shows that he has tried in front of the anime convention goers around the country.

The poll will end on April 1st and will be inducted near the end of the month!

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