MMTV: Mediocre Music TV
Edition #11: The X Factor Live Week 3 (Diva Week)

Written by: Wences Acosta

(Authors Note: Lets see how many music references you guys can catch in this)

So, last week, X Factor decided to go early with it's movie week, so how can they top the themes this week? DIVA WEEK! Ok, Movies I can understand based on how much film touches us all no matter what genre we are into, from comedy to horror to chick flick to indie.....but to think about some of these acts trying to be a diva, it's just bad. Before I dive in, I will say this, this week they had an announcer, so that's a plus. With that said, let's dive in. Oh, and don't worry, any and all gay jokes that come out of the word diva will come in due time.

1. Jannel Garcia "Proud Mary"
And of course, we start of by channeling our inner Tina. I love Tina, but what's love got to do with it?...Ok, I promise that was the last Tina reference. With that said, let's compare last week to this week: Last Week, she took a Joan Jett song, and while she did ok, was not into it as much as she should have been. This week, she nailed it to the wall and turned into an Acid Queen. Her vocals were superb, her attitude was there, and this is the Jannel I know, that can take a performance above and beyond thunderdome and win everyone's hearts. If everyone could be this good, they can help me make it through the night.

2. Tate Stevens "From This Moment On"
Now, I know nothing about Ms. Twain, because I am not that much of a country fan, but I shall trek on. Tate came in first last week with his "Wanted Dead or Alive" performance, but I dare say that this outdoes it. He sang it as if it were his own, to the point where I can imagine this being his opening solo hit. It had an emotion that made me actually feel like I was there live, and it just felt so real to me. Tate Stevens, You Win My Love.

3. Diamond White "Halo"
Ok, I agree with you Britney, if anyone is a diva, it is Ms. Diamond White. Besides Carly, Diamond is the female version of a hustler in this group. (Seidelman Note: The female version of a hustler is not a Diva. Much like Beyonce can't do anything more than Revenge songs right.) The thing I am not liking is her choices, as she is going from Whitney to Beyonce, when her youthful voice just isn't ready for that. It's beautiful, but not ready. Still though, she knows how to work it out and make us fall crazy in love with her. In the beginning, she was shaky, but towards the very end, you can hear her finally kick in. Like I said, no doubt the kid has talent, but to pick these big songs, she needs to slow down.

4. Beatrice Miller "Time After Time"
This might seem like a change in pace, but for once I can not hate on Beatrice. You can't blame me before this week, as she was taking songs that she had no business singing, especially with her combination of a young voice and a raspy voice. This week though, she proved why she's so unusual and actually made an emotional performance out of this. Her flawed voice actually made this song work, as she didn't try too hard and when the section came where she had to hit the infamous high note at the end, she did it with no hesitation. She showed her true colors tonight, and made this reviewer have a change of heart. Well done Beatrice. Side note: LOVE the YOLO Hat.

5. Lyric 145 "We Will Rock You/E.T"
Ok, this is the performance that almost makes me want to quit X Factor all together. Trust me, this goes beyond a bad performance, as this is as bad as bad can get. I can look past Beatrice Miller's voice or CeCe's Eye of The Tiger, Hell even a Kardashian hosting, but this is unforgiving. In the beginning when they were doing E.T. on Queen's beat, that was decent, but when they started transforming the song into a full cover of Freddie Mercury, by the time they got back to Katy Perry it was too little WAY too late. That is not my beef though, so maybe it has something to do with the fact that during the critique L.A. asked "Who was the diva: Katy Perry or Freddie Mercury" and Simon said it was Freddie. Lyric 145 tried saying Lyric Da Queen was the diva, but the damage was done. No, that isn't my beef either, so what is it? Well, it starts when right before they go on, Simon mentions how they changed the song the night before to this, so they only had a few hours to practice. Please, take a look at this performance on the live, take a look at this:

This was the greatest thing they have done as a group since Party in The USA, and hell it is their best rhyme as Da Queen kills it, kills it, KILLS IT!. Simon, or whoever is responsible for this travesty....Ya'll screwed up, and screwed up bad.

6. Arin Ray "Crazy For You"
Meh. That is all I can really say about him this week really, I mean these last 2 weeks he was doing upbeat numbers then now he stripped it down, so there's a plus. However, the thing was there was nothing there. The lyrics were written for a guy like him for his genre but the actual execution made me feel like nothing was there. I know I say that Arin is running on luck, but now that we're finally getting to figure out who is the best of the best, his number is up soon.

7. Paige Thomas "Last Dance"
So, as a fun fact about me, the moment I heard Last Dance was her song during the intro video, I prepped myself up. Not only was the song played as the last song during my mom's funeral, but Donna Summer actually passed away on the day of my 21st birthday. With that said, I am proud to announce that everything about this added up. Excuse me if my gay side comes out right now, but everything from the microphone and the stand to the beginning acoustic performance to the use of Robyn's "Show Me Love" beat to the dubstepped was divalicious and F-A-B-U-Lous (I wanted to make a Fergie reference, but let's stay in the good zone here). There is no flaws here, I can legit hear this on the radio, and this is the true definition of a diva.

8. Fifth Harmony "Hero"
This should not have been done for Diva Week, this should have been done if they made it to the finals. As I have mentioned before, their harmonies are like an army, but their solo voices really stood out this week. There is a moment that is simply angelic when there are 3 girls doing harmonies, 1 girl doing a solo on the lyrics, and 1 girl just killing it in Mariah fashion. This is a night that I will never forget.

9. Carly Rose Sonenclar "My Heart Will Go On"
In all that is gay and holy, what the fuck is in the water tonight? I mentioned earlier that Diamond should stop trying to do big songs, but the opposite is said for Carly. I noted in my rankings that she is my pick to win, and this performance seals the deal for me. In the beginning, it is beautiful, but the moment it truely kicks in this little girl basically releases the soul of Celine in a combination of beautiful vocals and amazing instrumental (Small Guitar Solo for the win). This is the winner.

10. Vino Alan "Let's Stay Together"
As much as it pains me to say it, this is where the show starts hitting the brakes. The performance wasn't bad, but it suffers from 2 things: The fact that honestly it really wasn't as good as it should be, and the fact that he had to follow up 3 acts that defined diva. Vino, I like you, but this was just average for me.

11. Emblem3 "No One"
I'm sorry for the inturruption folks, but we are back on our regularly scheduled program of divas. This is not an insult on them, as they are truthfully the only males who got these theme down (even after Tate's Shania cover). I honestly forgot what Emblem3 truely sounded like until this song, which took Alicia Keys and basically made it into a nice and mellow sound. They really did a good job this week, and as I have mentioned, I can really see them heading towards the finals.

12. CeCe Frey "All By Myself"
This was a bad way to end the show. I get that it's CeCe's redemption song, and the song choice was good, but honestly, it just was not good compared to everything else I have heard tonight. I liked her notehold in the middle, and I loved the fan effect which no other diva went for, but this was almost as bad as Eye of The Tiger (Almost).

Automatic Elimination: Lyric 145
There is nothing that I can say here that I havn't said earlier. All I can really say is that it really is a shame that they were turned into a joke group and not a true hip hop group.

Final Showdown: Jannel Garcia (L) vs. Paige Thomas (W)
Jannel chose Hoobastank's "The Reason" while Paige chose Coldplay's "Paradise", both of which are excellent choices, and quite frankly neither of these girls should have been near the bottom or even IN the bottom. Jannel started off first, and I must say in all my years of liking The Reason yet hating the overplay, her version was not only more emotional but more listenable then the actual original song. Paige stepped up to the plate and as he proved with Donna Summer, she took this and tore a new hole into it. Also whoever was in charge of instrumentals did an excellent job of adding the little heartbeat drums in the middle of the performance. As I have mentioned, neither deserved the bottom 2 from this week's performance. Jannel went home 3-1, with Demi trying to save her by voting to send home Paige. I did not want to see either go home, but someone had to, and between the 2 of them, Paige has had a better track record during the Live Shows. I am sad Jannel went home, but that is the name of the game folks.

So, with that said, I will leave you guys with my final rankings and see you guys next week :)

My Top 10 (Minus Lyric 145 and Jannel Garcia)
1. Carly Rose Sonenclair
2. Vino Alan
3. Emblem3
4. Tate Stevens
5. Diamond White
6. CeCe Frey
7. Fifth Harmony
8. Arin Ray
9. Beatrice Miller
10. Paige Thomas
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