MMTV: Mediocre Music TV
Edition #3: The History of The X Factor (And What To Expect From Season 2) Part 3

Written by: Wences Acosta

If you want to check out the earlier parts of Mediocre Music TV, click here to see part one and here to see part 2.  And now, the final part of Mediocre Music TV's look back at The X Factor.

"Season 7: 2010"

Now boys and girls, I want you to turn on local radio station. Now, besides the usual suspects ALA Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Lil' Wayne, you will notice that lately there have been a stream of Indie artists breaking out in the mainstream (Small Rant 2 Coming) and I for one welcome them. I have listened to Fun. Not just for "We Are Young" but for other songs like "Some Nights" and "Walking The Dog". I listen to Karmin not just for "Broken Hearted" but for songs like "Hello" and "Told You So" (The latter I have on repeat because I have a thing for fast rap). I listen to Gotye not just for "Somebody That I Used to Know" (Even though that song is fucking awesome....wait, I won't get penalized for cursing will I?) I also listen to songs like "Easy Way Out". The point I am trying to make folks is that Today's Mainstream has a very small attention span, and if this sounds like a usual rant a music fan would make then by god its a usual rant a music fan would make. I love Mainstream Music, I will be the first to admit I listen to everything from LMFAO to Mumford and Sons, From Ke$ha to The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, From The Script to Yellowcard. I listen to everything (except Soulja Boy, FUCK SOULJA BOY) and that is partially the reason why I got this position, based on the fact that my world is surrounded in music. Music Games like Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, Music Movies like Sweeney Todd and Pink Floyd's The Wall, I even watch fucking Glee for crying out loud (Haters Gonna Hate). So it surprised me to hear U.K. artists slowly but surely crossing over to this side of the states. From Ed Sheeran to The Script, I was loving it....and happened....

One Direction Happened.

Cher Lloyd Happened.

Now, let me start on the lesser of 2 Evils and actually the better of both acts: Cher Lloyd. Cher finished in 4th Place in Season 7 of the show, and luckily for her, Judge Simon Cowell (who was also her mentor) picked her up and signed her on his record label Syco Music. She broke out early, doing a version of "Turn My Swag On" and afterwards went to doing Hip Pop Mixes of Songs. One week she would sing Hard Knock Life (Annie) and then rap it (Jay-Z) while another week she would sing Love The Way You Lie (Rihanna) and then rap it (Eminem). She always went for the predictable route, and quite frankly after watching most of her videos, I hated it. I love her, and when her album Sticks + Stones drops here in the states I will pick it up, but on the show I could not stand any of her performances. HOWEVER, once she got signed, she released said album in the UK and had a major hit over there in the Summer of 2011. The Song?

Swagger Jagger. Now, I for one love this song and it is actually a lot more enjoyable then a lot of the "Dance" music that comes on the radio. I would listen to this rather then have to hear "Where Have You Been?" from Rihanna or "Sexy and I Know It" from LMFAO (I said I love them, but even awesomeness has one or 2 bad songs). She released a song called "With Ur Love" with Mike Posner (One Hit Wonder of "Cooler Then Me" fame) which is a decent pop song but not exactly my cup of tea....and then she released "Want U Back" and that was the song that crossed her over here. I wish her the best of luck and hopes that she doesn't fall out like a lot of UK Acts (Check Ed Sheeran and The Script out if you never heard of them). I will not post a video for Want U Back mainly because there are 3 versions of the song

1) A Video with Astro (X Factor US Season 1 Rapper) which is a plain video
2) A Video of Just Her (Which is the More Creative Video)
3) A Audio version of her with Snoop Dogg....I'm Sorry, Snoop Lion (He does decently on the verse, but if I wanted to hear the song, I would look up the other 2)

Sigh...and now for the root of all evil: One Direction.

Now don't get me wrong, I am a proud Boy Band fan: From Backstreet and N' Sync to LFO and 5ive and even 2gether (I Swear, The Hardest Part of Breaking Up....). However, this band takes everything that a Boy Band is supposed to be and takes it in a worse direction.

History Lesson: One Direction was originally 5 Solo Artists around the Same Age: Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam. All 5 of them failed at Boot Camp BUT in a move that is being well known in The X Factor Verse, they were brought back and formed in a band known as One Direction. The X Factor has a habit of doing this especially for acts that they feel could succeed with others (Examples for those U.S. Viewers are how InTENsity and Lakoda Rayne were formed for The Judge's Houses). Once One Direction was formed, they were given to Simon to tutor, and they basically DOMINATED The Live Shows to the dismay of Louis Walsh (He even said on air that Simon was showing more favoritism towards them instead of his other bands). From "Summer of 69" to "Torn" to "Total Eclipse of The Heart", these boys went through to The Final 3 and failed to win. However, just like Cher Lloyd, they were picked up by Syco Records, and well....

That's What Makes You Beautiful came out to the scene. Now, here's my only issue with them....They are too douchey to be a Boy Band. Now granted, a Boy Band usually is douchy because you have "The Sexy One" "The Bad Boy" "The Quiet One" "The Baby Faced One" etc etc...but these 5 are dressed all preppy and they literally seem like 5 Boys who were put together just to see what happens...I'm almost expecting them to come out with a song that goes "You've Got IT, You Know You've Got IT, Now Give It To Me Girl....". That's right folks, I went there. Now don't get me wrong, this song is actually good and I don't mind listening to it....but their other songs like "One Thing" are just REALLY not meant for them. Like I said with Cher, I wish them all the success in the world, and with Bieber Fever slowing dying out, Tweens need new boys to have weird fan fiction anime fantasies over (Not that I would know...) and I wouldn't mind if One Direction filled this void. However, if they are reading this (which I doubt): Guys, put out memorable music. Backstreet Boys has As Long As You Love Me, N' Sync has Bye Bye Bye....Don't be like other acts and have "One and Done" syndrome. Simon Cowell picked you up, start making music like the stars he saw you to be.

The rest of the season went by usual format, with the exception of 4 acts for each category (16 in Total), and in the beginning they had it in which there were 2 eliminations, One for whoever received the lowest amount of votes, while the other was the loser of The Final Showdown. However, this would be Simon's last stand with The U.K., As his last Season of American Idol wrapped up as well in 2010, he unveiled his plan for The X Factor in the U.S., which means this season with Cher Lloyd and 1D was his last in the U.K.

Now, come 2011 we are dealing with 2 Shows Here. In the U.K. they literally dropped everyone except for Walsh and in exchange they got Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child fame, Gary Barlow of Take That fame (another U.K. Exclusive band which is awesome) and Tulisa (who to be quite honest I have no idea who she is). While in the U.S., We have Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid, and Nicole Scherzinger. The U.K. Version I can not speak for except for the winners in Little Mix. Before this season, it was unknown to have a group make it to the Winners Circle. That is why come these latest seasons, The Groups aren't really taken seriously (I mean seriously, in the Live Shows here, The first 2 eliminated were from the Groups and the last group was eliminated about 2 shows later). Hopefully with Little Mix's win, Groups might actually have a chance at seeing Victory.

Now for my take on our side of it. First off, you are reading the article of a future X Factor Winner (2013 Baby!), but besides that, the first season did what it did best: It Got Press. From Astro's hissy fit to almost not compete anymore to Rachel Crow's breakdown during her elimination from The Final 5, The X Factor has started off strong. The Los Angeles auditions actually broke all audition records for the most people to show up. Now, with both U.K. and U.S., they have one format to rule them both. There will be 16 in total (4 from each judge), however during the first live show each judge would have to eliminate one contestant (4 Eliminations in Total) leaving only 3 to compete for each of them. Now, I personally like this change if it wasn't for the fact that it was kind of predictable in the first season. Let's take a look if you don't believe me...

L.A. Reid eliminated Phillip Lomax. He was a man who turned everything into a Frank Sinatra cover, and he was told to get out of his comfort zone, well he did, and he got eliminated.
Paula Abdul eliminated The Brewer Boys. 2 Young Country Boys who were going up against A Black Boy Band, A Country Girl Band, and a 10 Kid/Tween Ensemble that looked like Glee clusterfucked Kidz Bop and this was the result.
Nicole eliminated Dexter Haygood. A man who really was just a joke act from the get go, and if you don't believe me, watch his performance of "I Kissed a Girl/Womanizer". Just know: You have been warned.
and Simon eliminated Simone Battle (who was SO awkward during her performances) and Tiah Tolliver (Who was just OK during her performances)

Wait, I bet you are saying "Wait a Second, I thought each judge had to eliminate ONE act, how come Simon got rid of 2?". HaHaHa, you naive person....You see what had happened was during the Judge's House stage, when the judges cut their finalists from 8 to 4, Simon had eliminated Melanie Amaro. All would have been well except...ahem....The Judges talked things over, felt like Simon made a mistake, and told him to bring her back.

Yes folks, Simon brought Melanie back, and guess what?!? She Won! Now that is either fucking lucky, fucking rigged, or She is just a really good singer. Personally, she is a great singer, and I love her Pepsi commercial....but in a season that had a Child Rapper (Astro), a 13 Year old who could sing anything she wanted (Rachel Crow), a Guy who would literally come out and sing his own songs (Chris Rene), and a guy who blended a perfection of Rock and Soul (Josh Krajcik), she could have finished in 4th and I would not have complained.

Now, the show ran with no flaws and had very....interesting results. After the season was done (CHRIS RENE GOT ROBBED!!! le sob...), Season 2 was in full swing with auditions that started in March and ended a few months ago. With a new season, 3 people were released. The original "host" who was REALLY awkward in introducing the acts and talking to them, Paula was released and Nicole was released. Paula was released simply because her role as Simon's Rival was replaced by L.A., while Nicole had other priorities, namely being a 4th Judge in the U.K. X Factor. Mow, there are 2 new judges on the panel.....Demi Lovato and Britney Spears. Let me start with Demi: She is supposed to be the "Youthful" judge in this but I can be honest...I don't think I can see her past Season 2. Granted, she has more staying power then Britney, however, I don't think they can really use Demi as a judge that much and she's gonna end up turning into the next Nicole (Which means she's a judge but nobody is really going to care). I hope she proves me wrong, but knowing what I know from her Disney work, I just can't see it. Britney....Oh Britney....I can't believe I'm going to utter these words but from the way everything is being hyped up, she's going to be the judge to look out for. Can I See Her Lasting Past Season 2? No, as she is probably using this as filler until her next album or tour or whatever, HOWEVER if she actually makes this a main commitment, then Britney might even steal the show from Simon.

In Conclusion, when The X Factor Season 2 comes on here (A Day Before Glee, Yay!), I will be watching and I will be keeping an eye on who should win this thing.

Find out what it is next week when we give you the last part of Wences' X Factor Breakdown here on Mediocre Music TV.