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Edition #2: The History of The X Factor (And What To Expect From Season 2) Part 2

Written by: Wences Acosta

If you want to check out the first part of Mediocre Music TV, click here to catch up.  And now, part 2 of Mediocre Music TV's look back at The X Factor.

"The Middle"

Come Season 4, The show itself had gotten a major shakeup from the Foundation. No longer would it be 3 Categories and 4 Acts, but 4 Categories and 3 acts per judge. Another thing added was since there were 4 Judges, in the event of a 2-2 Tie, the vote goes into Deadlock, and the contestant with the lowest amount of votes is automatically sent home. This is the format we have learned here in the States with one teensy thing being left out, which I will get to, you guessed it, later.

With 4 Categories and Only 3 Judges, the show needed someone to fill in that last gap. Enter Danni Minogue. Now, from the music I have heard from her, she's actually not that bad even if I knew about her sister (Kylie) more then her. However, there was one woman who decided to have issues this season: Sharon Osbourne.

Now please note, this is no disrespect to Ms. Osbourne whatsoever. I respect all she has done for the music industry, I respect her family for everything they have done for pop culture and everything they have been through. All this is right now is reporting what I know.

Around the Time of the First Live Show, Sharon Walked Out because both of her acts were in the Bottom 2 and Sharon needed to vote for one of them to go home.

Now, bear in mind folks, if she stood in and voted against Alisha, that would have been a 2-2 Deadlock and everything could have been normal. However, because "Hardly Anyone Saw Kimberly Perform", Sharon had a fit and left the show....for that moment. To make a long story short, Sharon returned the next week based off of legal issues. Another major issue with Sharon is that there was a War of the Words between her and Minogue. Sharon's attacks toward Danni were more towards her "Lack of Singing" and that she was only there for her looks, while Danni went on the offense by saying that Sharon was actually jealous of Danni's youth. In the end, both parties went on record saying basically "If she says something about me, I am going to say something back" in which afterwards Simon admitted that Sharon was uncomfortable with a new judge, and that if she wanted to leave the show, he would understand. She left after the Season Ended, which Leon Jackson won.

Now, with Season 5, they kept the 4 Judges (Replacing Osbourne with Cheryl Cole), however they added one more thing to spice things up: The Sing Off. This show gave whoever was in the Bottom 2 one last chance at saving themselves by performing one song against whoever their opponent was in the Bottom 2, and based off of these performances in The Final Showdown, that is what the judges base their decision off of along with how the performers have done so far within the competition.

Small Rant: Now, the main issue, at least in my mind, with the show actually started here. Judges have the habit to not judge off of which contestant is better but rather try and stick with their own acts. Remember folks, this is not a simple contest where the performers are trying to out do themselves, but rather one where the judges want the "best act" to win, which usually involves voting for their act through and through. Now, I believe in friendly competition as much as the next guy, but it shouldn't blind you and shouldn't shame you to say "Ok, you know what, Your act was better then mine". [/endrant1]

As the season wrapped up with Alexandra Burke winning, and Season 6 Blew Through with Joe McElderry (I really have nothing to say for this season besides how awesome an Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby mash up is), The X Factor was gaining popularity, and then......IT HAPPENED

Find out what it is next week when we give you the last part of Wences' X Factor Breakdown here on Mediocre Music TV.