MMTV: Mediocre Music TV
Edition #19: A Commentary on Music Shows (aka The End of it all)

Written by: Wences Acosta

Now, the last time anyone has seen me was about a month and a half ago when Idol formed it's Top 10. If you all remember, I basically cursed out the show and said I would never watch again, well I shouldn't have done that because right after I did I experienced some major turbulence in my life that I really don't want to get into. Robert, one of my closest friends, thought that a new assignment would do me some good, so I jumped from Idol's ship and started watching ep's from The Voice that were on demand. However, after a brief marathon of eps in addition to my real life duties, I was swamped. However, luckily (and thankfully) for me, my load has lightened up majorly as we end Spring and go straight into a Summer Season full of such promise as The Goodwin Games and, of course, Americas Got Talent with 4 Judges.

You know, the same America's Got Talent that had 3 judges for all of it's seasons up until now.

The same format that Idol decided to bring back this year after the disaster that was Simon/Ellen/Kara/Randy

The same format that X Factor and The Voice has made famous.

Yeah...that's another rant for another time (more on that in just a second).

So, to bring you up to speed, let me start on how American Idol finished, Just because right after I send this in, I will probably catch myself in a Voice Marathon to recap myself (The last I saw were the Battle Rounds...and quite frankly the idea that someone tried to perform a crappy Will.I.Am song on these shows amuses me).

So, Top 10...Top 10....well for starters, all of the males were eliminated within the first 5 eps (I CALLED IT!). Yes folks, one by one each man dropped. Curtis Finch? Dropped the 1st week, which meant America finally caught on to his gimmick of being a male version of a diva. Paul Jolley, the one I called bland and forgettable? 2nd Week....Devin Velez, the only male I had hope for? 3rd week. I would mention Burnell except I honestly had forgotten who he was, and as for Americas favorite stutterer Lazaro, he was the final victim, which meant a female HAD to take it. We even got to the point where for the first time in, well the history of the show, the save was not used, which meant in the Final 4 it was a defaulted non elimination show until the next week. That right there impresses me admittedly, but what could not draw me back was how bad the actual shows looked on paper. I missed the first week (songs from previous American Idols) but tried to watch the second week, full of Beatles covers...didn't make it. By the time I saw a cover of Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life" on YouTube, I was done. That is the one thing I will say differs Idol from every other the time we as viewers have to vote, all interest has been sucked out. No energy, no memories except for one or 2, not even the judges were able to save this season. Candice won (Again, somehow called it), and I do hope for the best for her...however, unlike Robert's prediction for the end of Millionaire as we know it, Idol is starting auditions for Season 13 starting Early to Mid June 2013. Also, and you are gonna love this, as everyone knows by now Nicki, Mariah, AND Randy (The only original thing in the show besides Ryan) are leaving this year!. The nail in the coffin the deep but somehow we are dealing with something that is beyond Romero territory.

Now, by next weekend, I should have a quick review of The Voice and my personal thoughts on the first week of America's Got Talent (4 FUCKING JUDGES?!?!?), however before that fun, I have a slight announcement in my change up of reviewing.

See, it takes a lot to sit through these shows and review every song that is performed as sometimes things can get repeated very fast (Wrong Song, Lack of Energy, etc). So here is what I am going to do, since we are in June.

Starting after next week, I will be sending in little things here and there to give me some variety, and I have Robert to thank on this idea. Yes, you will see my thoughts on AGT, X Factor, and other shows, but it will be more of an overall thought more then a clumped up review of a show that others would be reviewing. I am going to start my own little version of "Where Are They Now?", as I try and look into where each winner/runner up of all these shows are now musically, and more important, I dive into older music shows including Star Search, Name That Tune, and, my personal guilty pleasure, Say What Karaoke.

The Summer of 2013 is just starting, and with no new music in sight with the exception of the awesomeness of Macklemore, I am looking at a long summer, so hopefully you guys will join me on this journey.

Until next week, remember....Music is only as good as you want it to be.

If you have any opinions or comments, please let me know at