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Edition #7: The X Factor Judges House Thoughts

Written by: Wences Acosta

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This Article was sent in on Wednesday afternoon, before the actual result show. Any acts I get right on my predictions are just coincidental.

So we are down to 24. Most of which I saw coming, some who I totally forgot until the moment I saw them perform. All are worthy of making it though, and with a possible Wildcard n the mix, this could be very interesting indeed. This will be a short article, as it will just be each group, who performed from worst to best, and what chances the group has during the live shows. With that said, let's go to the 4th best group....

Simon Cowell Coaching The Groups:

Quick intro here....The groups are never an easy category in any edition of X Factor. However, this year Simon drew a harsh hand. Maybe it is because of his success of One Direction that sealed his fate, but this year, with the exception of 2 or 3 groups, it has been a rough year. Let us go down the list....

6) Sister C: I have never liked these girls, and quite personally their song choice was horrible. Unfortunately I can see them going through, but there are more talented and deserving groups in this category.

5) Dope Crisis: They did a decent version of Super Bass, and the dance moves were nice, but the overall package just wasn't enough.

4) Playback: I don't like them as a group. As solo artists they were amazing, but as a group they are lost. Marc Anthony said it best when he said they couldn't hold his attention. Simon loves them probably because of The One Direction effect, and I see them going through or at the very least given the wildcard spot....but I don't like their chances so far

3) Lylas: Again, as a group I don't like them, but they seem less lost then Playback. They had their vocals right, they chose an excellent was just bland. I can see them in the live shows, filling in the void that Lakoda Rayne left last year and in a sense doing what Little Mix did last year. If Simon doesn't let them through, it won't be a shock but it will be a loss

2) Emblem3: I like these guys, and even though they screwed up the words, they covered it up so beautifully. I could see them not only in the live shows but possibly as a threat to the title if they play their cards right, however there are still in the shadows of one group....

1) Lyric 145: My God, a rap group....I really should have went this year. Although this group is perfect. Their rendition of Party in the USA is so brilliant that I rewatch it even now. If Simon doesn't let them through, It will be his sinking ship

Overall ranking: 5 Maybe 6 out of 10

Demi Lovato coaching The Young Adults (17-23):

This group has one MAJOR issue....the majority of them chose dance music. I have no issue with it, but the songs they chose in the genre just left a bad taste in my mouth....

6) Jannel Garcia: What happened? I was expecting such a wonderful performance and yet I got nothing but a bland cover of I Kissed a Girl. Just for who she is, I can see her in the live shows but in my eyes she failed miserably.

5) Nick Youngerman: Dude, what the fuck?!? I hardly curse, but looking at his track record from Ice Ice Baby to Tik Tok, something is up with him. He was entertaining, but Demi said it right: "I don't know if I was enjoying it or annoyed by it".

4) Paige Thomas: She did a slow version of Chris Brown's "Turn up the Music" and she did a really good job with it considering the source material. There were just better performances, if she doesn't make it, I sense her as a wildcard.

3) CeCe Frey: I would usually have her on the top of my list, but she stumbled a little with her slower version of "Sexy and I Know It". She still is up there, and I see her in the Live Shows, but she isn't the girl I fell for a few weeks ago.

2) Jillian Jenson: The black horse in all this. I forgot about her even though I never forgot her. She came out and sang as beautifully as she did in her audition. She is still one behind someone though

1) Willie Jones: I have never been a fan of him as it has been known here, however when he sang "Nobody Knows", aka the song that he forgot the words to at Boot Camp, he blew my expectations away. This boy deserves to go through without a shadow of a doubt.

Overall Ranking: 6/7 Out of 10

L.A. Reid mentoring The Overagers (Over 25)

He got MAD when he got this group, but really with Britney and Demi going for Youth and Simon with One Direction fever, you had to expect nothing less

6) Jason Brock: WHAT HAPPENED?!? I'm sorry, I love him and his voice, but he fucked up majorly in my eyes.

5) Tara Simon: For once not the worst. She still stank up the place, but towards the end she actually hit the note and I recognized actual talent. She still sucked and deserves to go home, but for once I can't hate on her all the way.

4) Daryl Black: Not Memorable, but his voice is good, so Meh.

3) Tate Stevens: Doing a country version of Brian McKnight is amazing. Yes there are 2 people that I put above him but there is no doubt that he will be in the Live Shows

2) David Correy: Wow can he sing. My number one may be obvious now, but David is amazing, and he is almost a sure thing in the Live Shows

1) Vino Allen: Yes, I know he is cute, but listen to his version of Sober and try to tell me it's not impressive. Perfect Package, quite possibly the winner here

Overall Ranking: 8 Out of 10

and finally, Britney Mentoring The Teens (12-16)

This is the best group without a shadow of a doubt, even with ONE mess-up

6) James Tanner: Dude, why would you choose this moment to bust out "Party Like a Rockstar"? Yes it's gutsy and I marked, but NOT NOW! Sorry dude, You gone

5) Reed Deming: He impressed me believe it or not. His Boot Camp performance was great and here he sang wonderfully....but he won't make it to the live shows I can almost promise it.

4) Arin Ray: If it wasn't for the trio of doom, he would be top 3. He did impressive with "Starships" but I can see his dreams getting shattered here, but I'm hoping otherwise

3) Diamond White: One of 3 in The Trio. Here version of Avril's song "I'm With You" was flawless, but was paint by numbers in my book. That is the only reason she is not in the top spot, but still very impressive.

2) Beatrice Miller: 2 of the 3. Wow, her version of "Titanium" is just so beautiful. It cracks here and there but that is what makes it beautiful (Pun Not Intended).

and finally

1) Carly Rose Sonenclar: YES! YES! YES! That just sealed it for me, and if you don't believe me, look it up. She took a Karmin song and made it her own. She. Is. Amazing.

Overall Ranking: 8.5

And there you's hoping I am right when I watch it tonight. If you have any opinions or comments, please let me know at