MMTV: Mediocre Music TV
Edition #18: American Idol Live: Week 1

Written by: Wences Acosta

So we finally get to the first week where America can vote for who they want to stay and who they want to go, which means at this point the judges are completely pointless but we are getting away from the original point. Where did we go from the last week of Sudden Death? NOTHING!!! 10 Performances, none memorable except for a "Circle of Life" performance that while not the best was definitely the most talked about at least from lips. So let's start tonight with Ms. Circle of Life who tried Whitney Houston and failed worse then a contestant on The X Factor (I stand by what I said), I like the girl, but I can not see her staying past this level besides from her personality which is huge. Second Female is Breanna who tried to do a Beyonce song called "Flaws and All" which was good but definitely a typical Idol Performance, and at this point this is not what I tune in for. Thirdly is Aubrey from Oregon who sang "Big Girls Don't Cry" which was a great song choice but for her was a song that did not work. Do not get me wrong, I can see her going through but it was just dull at least for me. Janelle is coming up after the break with "If I Can Dream" which is a great song for her and might actually put her through, the only thing is the fact that tonight she might be lost in all the performances when it comes to America, but for now we can just sit back and watch as she does a great performance. After all Tate Stevens sang nothing but country and he friggin won X Factor Season 2!!!. Tenna comes up next during this very slow night in Idol and sings a Faith Hill song in "Lost". This is my main problem with American Idol as a whole.....I get this is a singing competition trust me I understand this, but there is no entertainment value in this whatsoever, I can not even make any gay jokes from this and those are the easiest jokes to make during these kind of shows. Like the others, she was good but dull and very forgettable, and it is at this point that I tune out just for a second and turn to SyFy to watch "Face/Off" which has quickly turned into my favorite show this season believe it or not. Commercial and Angie Miller is next who has been somewhat memorable out of all the girls this year and she does a great performance, but in this night she was just another one of the girls and I am really starting to get mad at Idol. I do not know whether it is just this night of mediocreness that I am feeling or maybe it is just anger from knowing one of Wrestling's Biggest Icons in Paul Bearer has passed away (R.I.P.), but tonight is not the business and I am feeling down and there are only 4 performances left people.....really?!?. Amber Holcomb is next and I will admit I am somewhat hyped in hoping that she changes my attitude towards the night, and with her doing Whitney Houston (WHY ARE PEOPLE DOING WHIYTNEY?!?) she did amazing for the night, and in a performance that I would have usually felt as meh, tonight was just a Yes moment in me yelling at the screen for Amber to Work It. Yes folks, as of right now, Amber Holcomb is the highlight of the night for me. Then we go back to mediocrity with Cree Harrison and Adriana Lantonio doing Faith Hill and Destinys Child respectively but both getting lost in the shuffle. Again, the thing with me tonight is not if they are good, it is just a matter of it they can stand out and not just be another lounge singer in the crowd. Candice Glover is our finale or the night and let's see what she can pull out....She pulls out a John Legend song in "Ordinary People"?!? And She Actually adds personality in tonight's otherwise boring and bland show?!? What a concept!. She ends tonight on a beautiful note, and with that said, I can not step away from Idol faster, so I will see you all tomorrow....

Ok, it is time for the guys to step up to the plate. As we all know, this year seems to be a year that a woman might finally win, but let's see if the guys can fight back. We start off with Elijah Liu (Kang) who starts off with a very emotional performance of the most recent Rihanna hit "Stay", and if this is any indication of tonight, then I might have to pick a guy this year, because this one performance showed more personality then 9 out of the 10 girls. Cortez Shaw is next, AKA Mr. Titanium from Sudden Death (I brushed over Sudden Death, but really there were no standout performances)......and he is attempting Bruno Mars. Ok, I am going to go on a very quick rant after this in another edition of MMTV, but this is one of the 10 (If I May)of a Reality Show like this that you do not break....and like most that have came before he is failing miserably, and I am hoping and praying this is over soon. Yay, my favorite Charlie Askew is next, and from the get go he is my favorite. He performs an excellent version of "Mama" from Genesis, and shows so much emotion in this....and yet this is too weird for American Idol.

(Excuse me folks, I am about to rant to the second degree)

No guys, fuck this shit. Adam Lambert and James Durbin, amongst others have all shown emotion and weirdness from sadness to anger to everything that humans can portray and all of a sudden this is your breaking point in weirdness?!? FUCK YOU ALL. You know why people who are depressed want to go on Idol or X Factor or anything? It is because we as people are sick of the lives we live and even though we know the consequences of a show like this, we are willing to take the risk because it is better then what we have now, better then having these thoughts that nobody will understand because we are too scared to admit our feelings to anyone out of fear or judgment or worse of all rejection. Out of everything here, the main positive I can say is that the audience was supportive in everything he said and towards the end even Ryan showed the kid respect and helped him even smile for once. For a show like this though to say we as listeners do not like weirdness or anything that isn't a fucking ballad, fuck this show, fuck everything it stands for and I hope to god this is the last season, because if it isn't I refuse to sit through a Season 13 only for my intelligence to be insulted like this....and yes this is coming from someone who has sat through season 1 through 11, and seen the Sanjaya saga unfold before my eyes. FUCK THIS SHOW.

(Rant Ended)

Nick Boddington is next, and he does a slower version of Iris from The Goo Goo Dolls, or at least I thought he was before the song turned into the original.......yeah, fuck originality, we can just coast by on Karaoke!. Burnell Taylor is up now performing "I'm Here", and even though I really am not a fan of his work, he does an excellent job tonight, even if it is a bit off to me, it was still cool. Paul Jolley comes on now, and honestly I can't put my finger on it....I feel like I am supposed to like him but at the same time, I can't. He is so bland and forgettable, and I do not see him past tonight. Then do not get me started right now on Lazaro, because while Carly Rose from XF2 did "Feeling Good" justice, he sounds like a drunk in the bar who is just trying to impress a girl he just met and hadn't gotten her digits yet. With my rant aside, this night has started off with promise and quickly turned for the worse and fast. Ok, now I'm mad.....I hated Curtis Finch "Jr." since Hollywood Week and we saw his true colors of not caring about anyone but himself, but now he is just turning into a stereotype before our eyes as he does "I Believe I Can Fly", and of course the judges, especially Mariah, are loving this, so can we just please move on and get this show over with? Number 9 is up, and it is Devin Velez.....who sings "Somos Novios" or "It's Impossible" in English. I have to say, best performance of the night, and so far he is my honest to god pick to win this whole thing. Finally we have Vincent Powell who, or course, has to do "End of the Road" from Boyz 2 Men (Not to be confused with the End of The Road course from DDR Extreme), and does an ok job of it but hits a falsetto that broke my ears right now. Overall: Tonight was at least better then the girls but more frustrating, lets just hope the results reflect all this.


Females Win. There is literally nothing to say at this point. Besides Devin and maybe Burnell, the guys who made it through could have easily been replaced.....while as for the girls, even though Candice yet again stole the show, 2 girls in Amber Holcomb and Cree Harrison actually improved on this show and worked what they had. I do not have a Top 10 this year like I did with X Factor, however....if a dude wins, it's Devin, and if a girl wins, Candice, Amber or Cree.....we shall see what the weeks have in store for them, but for right now I am spent.

Remember Folks, Music is only as good as you want it to be.

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