MMTV: Mediocre Music TV
Edition #17: A quick retrospective (Factor, Idol and Myself)

Written by: Wences Acosta

Wall of Text Warning:
So, as a few of you GSG fans may have noticed, I have not been up to date with everything when it comes to the world of American Idol amongst other things. As Robert mentioned in his induction of the Golden Website, we all have issues in our lives and I hit my peak within these past few weeks. The main thing I could say with my head held high is the fact that I, Wences Acosta, am now a proud member of a group who have a GED. I did no studying for the test, and was able to pass with flying colors. Now that everything in that area is out of the way, besides actually finding a part time job of my own, I can now officially work on this site and catch up

For The X Factor, it has been 2 months since the finale and I am still in shock by how everything went down. The final 4, as most of you remember, were One Direction Version 2 (Emblem3), The Country Bear (Tate Stevens), The Girl Group (Fifth Harmony), and The Girl With The Golden Voice (Carly Rose Sonenclar). The 2nd to last challenge was a double: Pick Your Own Song, and Perform a Song that will get you to the finals. There was nothing of note in this week besides an amazing Carly Rose Performance, an even MORE stunning performance by Fifth Harmony of "Anything Could Happen" from Ellie Goulding, and most important the elimination of Emblem3, who Simon was hoping would make the finals. As anyone who has followed my thoughts on the season, I liked them in the beginning but towards the end everything just went downhill and they became intolerable so I was actually glad to see them go. The Finals between the final 3 acts was a disaster in so many cases. They each had 3 songs that night, and Fifth Harmony chooses 2 songs they did that season, one that they did the previous week (Anything Can Happen) with the same set and everything. They were known to recycle their material towards the end, but this was just laziness. Tate Stevens did decently enough, but I could not see him winning, until Carly Rose did a decent first performance and an amazing last performance of the night, the only problem? Her second performance, with a celebrity, was with Miss Leann Rhymes who did not appreciate being outshined by a little girl, and if you watch the performance, you will see what I mean. Tate Stevens won, but I feel it was just circumstance.....let's just hope it was all for the best.....*watches Grammy commercial*........Oy Vey. I have a full on rant on The X Factor this season, but that is for another time.

Now, as for Idol....There really is not much to say. All the auditions had your joke performance, your sympathy stories, your dose of somebody being weird and random, it was just not that great. There was a point in the Hollywood Week during which I believed when they broke up the groups to a Male Week and a Female Week, that the women of Idol were actually going to win this year......until Gotye happened. Try to find the group performances, and you will see what I mean. Most of the guys teamed up well, but the girls were a train wreck, and having 2 groups slaughter "Somebody That I Used to Know" was enough for me. The cherry on the cake had to have been this week, Mid February, Sudden Death Week. The girls had 2 hours Wednesday, and besides 4 great performances, the rest were just regular or, in the case of whoever chose to sing "Mr. Know It All" from Kelly Clarkson, a fucking nightmare. The guys had their disaster moments as well (I am sorry, but Miss Diva trying to sing Adele was just not happening, even with glitter power). However, even some of the guys who got eliminated (Kevin and Chris to be specific) were amazing in their renditions. The guys who went through, for the most part, I agree with completely especially Charlie. I mean, guys like Devin and Elijah have a great voice and did their songs justice, but Charlie's version of "Rocket Man" is one that I will remember for a long long time (no pun intended). His stage presence, his weirdness, it is something that Idol has been waiting for since a few seasons ago, and I welcome it with open arms. I do not agree with Paul or even Curtis, even though Curtis was a favorite early on. I wanted him gone since the group round just because of the person he is, but I do respect his singing. Overall, Idol this season went from a close compitition to one that's still somewhat close but more lenient on who's probably going to win. I will still be watching, as it is my job and my hobby.

Until then, just remember guys....Music is only as good as you make it.

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