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Edition #8: The X Factor's Top 16 and my thoughts on who should win

Written by: Wences Acosta

Well Well Well...The moment has finally arrived for XF to let us know who made it to the live shows. We have been through inspirational performances to attention seeking whores to total wipeouts, and after all is said and done, we have survived. Now, I have ranked all 16 Finalists, some lower then expected because this year is so stiff in the competition, and I will countdown from 16 to 1 on who I think will win....Why Top 16? Because that's how many finalists there are *laughs*.

Now, you will notice my rankings will go like this: Obviously I will post who made what spot and why I think they deserve that spot, however, the way I narrowed this list down is based on not only skill but how I see them doing in a Sing Off, because anyone can survive and not and up in the Bottom 2, but as anyone has seen, The Bottom 2 is anyone's ballgame (MK1 Shouldn't have went home....Kye's Final Song was beautiful but MK1 were more consistant and more entertaining).

With that said....Here we go

Sister C
Acts They Can Beat: 0

I honestly believe that them making it through was a fluke based on how bland Dope Crisis were and how lost Playback were. If they stuck with 3 acts per judge, then there would be no way they would make it through. I can almost guarentee that if they were in a Final Showdown, Britney and/or Demi would be the ones to vote against them. I do not see any public liking them besides a small demographic, and the odds of them changing my mind are very slim. For example, last year, I did not like Lakoda Rayne at all but one performance changed my mind somewhat. The first actual Live Show that America could have voted for they sang a brilliant rendition of Landslide. Afterwards they REALLY screwed up, even ending up in the Bottom 2 the next week, but the fact they had a good performance is what counts. I do not see them lasting.

(Simon: 3 Acts Left)

Paige Thomas
Acts She Can Beat: 2

I like her, but we have to be honest with ourselves in the sense that she is there from sheer luck along with Jannel Garcia who I will get to soon. She came out of the gates with an amazing performance of "I'm Going Down", but then once Boot Camp hit....She just wasn't there anymore. Maybe it was nerves or maybe it was something in the air because I had to throw in a random Mark Whalberg reference, but she wasn't there. I like her as a person, but as a performer she does not have what it takes to make it to the finish line. She could change my mind, but honestly I don't see her surviving.

(Demi: 3 Acts Left)

Beatrice Miller
Acts She Can Beat: 3

She came out of nowhere for me. Her audition song left little to no impression on me and she did a decent version of Pumped Up Kicks but it was nothing major. Her voice shined in her version of Titanium as I mentioned, but going against everyone else it is just not enough in my eyes. She has little to no personality, her voice is decent but not good enough to what a Live Show should be. On a positive note, she has a unique quality to her voice and I do mean that in a good way, but her odds are not looking good.

(Britney : 3 Acts Left)

Jannel Garcia
Acts She Can Beat: 4

She is the first act on the fence, and here is why: Her Actual Attitude. She came out as a firecracker choosing a perfect left field song choice and had my expectations high, but just like Paige as she advanced my expectation of her went down and went down fast. The only light in the tunnel is the fact that she made it to the live shows. The Live Shows are about being spicy, about being entertaining, and she has that factor. If Demi can let her be herself and stop giving her advice that will harm her down the road, then she will do fine. For now though, this is how it must be.

(Demi: 2 Acts Left)

Jason Brock
Acts He Can Beat: 4

The first of the Over Agers, and boy this one was tough to rank....mainly for I didn't know how low to put him. The thing about him is he has the charisma and personality and even has the voice to back everything up, but the problem is he just isn't memorable for anything besides being the gay guy. I have tried seeing him survive in my head, but to me he is a combination of Adam Lambert (US Idol) and Rylan Clark (Of Current UK X Factor Fame). He has the talent and people will want to watch him, but like Sanjaya there is going to become a point during the shows when it becomes less about entertainment and more about who can actually work a mic, and quite frankly he is deep in the water when it comes to that

(L.A.: 3 Acts Left)

Arin Ray
Acts He Can Beat: 4

Ok, i'm noticing a pattern in my review so far as being a bit negative but I swear I will start looking at the bright side here....somewhat. Arin Ray is an interesting out of nowhere contender to actually make a star out of himself. Think about it if you will, Last year he was in this spot but in a group that quite frankly he had no business in. He came back this year basically to say fuck everyone and make a name just for himself. The main issue he has however is what I call "Marcus Canty" syndrome. Last year, Marcus came out and did nothing but just be there, he wasn't good but he wasn't bad. The main thing he made a name for himself for was somehow someway surviving 3 Final Showdowns (Leroy Bell, Drew, and Rachel Crow) before finally being eliminated for the lowest votes in the final 4. Arin rubs me off that way in the sense that I can't see him surviving for his skill but rather for his luck. We shall see where he goes but for now....this is his place.

(Britney: 2 Acts Left)

Lylas (Name Change To Be Determined)
Acts They Can Beat: 6

Now I would like to touch on something before I actually get down to business. For those who don't know, there is a reason why there is a name change here. You know who Bruno Mars is, right? Well try and imagine his 4 sisters also in a girl group called The Lylas who basically caused an online shitstorm saying that these girls stole their name from them, so now a week before The Live Shows, they are trying to find a name that hasn't been used by anyone else. I personally think that is Bullshit, but I digress. When it comes to them, I touched on it a little bit in my last report saying how it feels that they are just Lakoda Rayne 2.0 only somewhat good. There is a reason they made my Top 10 though, and that is not only their skill but the fact that they can actually keep it together as a group. I can see them surviving a singoff, but somehow getting eliminated down the way because of Lowest Votes. I will keep my eye on them, not waiting for their elimination but rather to see how they improve.

(Simon: 2 Acts Left)

David Correy
Acts He Can Beat: 8

The "Leroy Bell" of the group. He can sing, He has the likeability factor, and the unique ability to not only make a song his own but not sound like a copycat from a coffeeshop. The main issue is if America can get behind him. I can see him making it midway before something happens, because the thing is I can see him surviving the first few rounds but then once we try to find out who the best of the best is, SOMETHING is going to happen. Whether he loses a sing off or gets eliminated via votes, he will not win. I will be rooting for him, but i'm not expecting much.

(L.A.: 2 Acts Remaining)

CeCe Frey
Acts She Can Beat: 8

So, here is an interesting situation: She can sing, She can entertain, She is Memorable, she has the whole package....So what is the issue? The one main thing she must work on is her choice of music. Look at her 3 main choices if you must. For her audition, she sang "Aint No Other Man" from Christina Aguilara, and showed her confidence, which is fine and all. Her Boot Camp song was "I Will Always Love You" which showed her ability to outshine most. Finally her song for Judges House was Sexy and I Know It with a little twist. What do these 3 songs have in common? They are all left field songs that most would not go to, but considering who we are dealing with, were predictable. She does well when she goes outside her comfort zone of not being a diva (THAT'S WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!) as shown in her performance of "Secrets" from Onerepublic. If she could just stop being a Little Miss Thing and actually show us who she is as an artist and not as a person, then she should be fine, if not then expect her in a Singoff within the first 2-3 weeks tops.

(Demi: 1 Act Left)

Diamond White
Acts She Can Beat: 9

Now, here is the main one I was shocked with. There is one more coming up who I did not see myself ranking so high, but I will get to him when I get to him. For now though, let me shine a light on Diamond (Hehe). For a young girl, she has a very VERY beautiful voice, and I can see her going VERY far based on that alone and her cuteness. Hell, even though her and Carly Rose are neck and neck, she is still making a name for herself. The one element that scares me about her though and that is her ability to be in The Final Showdown. Take Rachel Crow for instance, she was very cute, very likeable, and her voice was amazing, but one singoff later and we have our most memorable breakdown of Season 1. If Diamond can keep up with the big boys, then she will be fine, and I can see her giving one hell of a fight if she does end up in Final Showdown....But to actually survive, the odds are not in her favor.

(Britney: 1 Act Left)

Tate Stevens
Acts He Can Beat: 10

Now, before I actually started doing comparisons and trying to figure out who has the best odds in Final Showdown, I was expecting Tate to be in the middle of the pack. Color me surprised when I realize that he is one of the most versatile artists in this years Top 16. To do a Country Version of "Back at 1" is Ballsy, but he pulls it off. It has been shown that he can do Country oh so well, but it's nice to think that he can adjust himself to other rounds like a Dance or Rock Round (If he does not pull out a version of "Devil Went Down to Georgia", I for one will be very dissappointed). The only fear I have with him is that no matter what he sings, he will always have that country tone, and even though it worked well on Idol 2 seasons ago with Scotty McCreery, I can not say the same here. His best bet is to stay with his roots but give a twist to it so it won't be another Melanie Amauro win (In the sense that she only won for singing Whitney and Mariah and other big voice diva songs. No easy task, but still...)

(L.A.: 1 Act Left)

Lyric 145
Acts They Can Beat: 10

Now, before anyone looks at me funny, yes I had a feeling they were going to be in my Top 5, but for the record I am NOT showing any favortism in this article. Will I anticipate them every week? Hells Yeah Buddy! Will I hope that they can make it to The Finals? YES! Will I Lose My Dignity and Will Someone Care?!? *crickets* Ok, nobody got that, MOVING ON!. Between the 3 groups that were thrown together for Judges Houses (Lylas, Playback, and Lyric 145), they are the most connective at this point. They understand where each member comes from between Original Group 145 and Female Rapper Lyric Da Queen. After the death of Adam Yauch which has basically stopped The Beastie Boys in it's tracks, we as Americans need a Hip Hop group like this. I ca not only see them making it towards the end but if they end up in Final Showdown, they will survive once maybe even twice. I see good things in their future.

(Simon: 1 Act Left)

In my Top 4, each judge has one act remaining. No, I did not plan it this way, it just happened. With that said....

Willie Jones
Acts He Can Beat: 10

Now, remember when I was talking about Diamond when I said there was one that I was shocked where he was ranked? This is him. I know I have spoke slander of him, but hear me out. He has proven what he can do with the material when given to him, such as his Redemption version of "Nobody Knows". He has proven that he can actually go half country and half RNB, which even though Demi said that was a weakness, I think that is his best strength. If he gets sick of doing Country Styled Songs, he can always surprise the voting audience by singing a slow ballad. I see him as the biggest underdog story going into this, as out of everyone on Team Demi, he has the best shot of surviving. Expect a few surprises from this one.

(Demi: 0 Acts Remaining. Her Team is Officially Eliminated)

Acts They Can Beat: 12

Love Them or Hate Them (My Boyfriend absolutely despises them), they have made enough of an impression to make it into The Top 16. I have no category for them, which is a REALLY good thing at this point of the game considering how everyone is giving me DeJaVu of last year. They are very original as seen in their Audition and Judges House Songs, and they know when to tone it down as seen in their version of Iris. I know they have claimed time after time that they are not a boy band, but honestly I see them as The One Direction of the year, in the sense that as he weeks progress they will get more and more fans to the point of no return. Even if they lost, someone will snag them up and they will come out with at least one radio hit (so in a sense, the Chris Rene of this year). Time will tell with this group, but I honestly see them as one of 3 contenders for the title.

(Simon: 0 Acts Remaining. His Team is Officially Eliminated)

Vino Allen
Acts He Can Beat: 14

As you can tell, I pratically have him booked as unstoppable with the exception of one person who I will get to in just a moment. Like Lyric 145, I have shown favortism towards him, however unlike Lyric 145 I can actually see him being a full on no holds barred musician. When he sings, he lays his soul on the line with the sounds of sacrifice that only a pure artist can come up with. His version of Sober was so brilliant because not only did it have the raw emotion but it mixed in his style with a hint of Rocker Voice. I want to see this man in the finals, and if he ever ends up in Final Showdown, he will wipe them all out. There is still one person who I have not talked about yet....

(L.A.: 0 Acts Remaining. His Team is Officially Eliminated)

Carly Rose Sonenclair
Acts She Can Beat: 15

In My honest reviewer opinion, she is THE beast that can tear down the season with a passion that can only be matched up by Senor Vino. She has the voice, she has the cuteness, the memorable factor, the uniqueness, and quite frankly to be blunt she has the total package. Let that sink in for a second, I just said a 13 year old girl has the total package to be a superstar. It is true though, as I can honestly say she is the only one who I can see making it straight to the finals without having a Final Showdown. If she does end up in The Bottom 2, then there is no way the judges can vote against her (With, of course, the exception being the judge who's act is going against her). If she gets eliminated, you can expect this reviewer to eat his hat (I have a nice Winnie the Pooh cap if that counts). Overall though, we have our winner.

Now, next week and throughout the Live Shows, I will be doing things differently. I will send Senor Robert a live report of the performance night, and who I think will be in the Bottom 2. Then the next night, during The Results, I will post about The Final Showdown and my thoughts and comments on that, LIVE. So, with that said.....Let's Get Ready to Rumble folks.
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