Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

January 13th - January 20th, 2013

Text by: Jim Williams

For this installment of the "Dumb Answer of the Week" we go to Contestants' Row for a couple of one-bids that will make you scratch your head courtesy of the Friday, January 11th episode of "The Price is Right". Alright, fellas? Let's see the first item up for bids on "The Bid Is Wrong"!

We've got some beach equipment including chairs, coolers, towels and an umbrella. Considering this is an item up for bids, one would assume this has to cost a few hundred bucks.

This is Rosa. She just got called to "Come on Down" and gets to bid first on the beach package.

As you can no doubt see by the image above she clearly has no idea what she was thinking. One would be lucky to get the towels for $52 in this economy. To be fair, I have a feeling that Rosa might have been doing her beach gear shopping from a fine off retail outlet like...

Hey, I hear they have a great deal on insurance markers.

But, they don't have the kind of deal that I have for you. One bad bid in Contestants' Row deserves another. Here's the very next item up for bids.

It's a nice stainless steel designer watch as modeled by George Gray. Again, not a dazzling watch on the surface, but surely worth a few hundred at least.

This is Creagan who just got the call to Contestants' Row. What do you suppose he'll bid?

And Drew sheepishly wishes him good luck right after confirming his bid.

To be fair, two of the bids for this item really made no sense at all. Allison is the lady in the yellow position who bid $150. When was the last time an item up for bid went for $150? The early 1970's, if at all?

Apparently, these folks thought they were on the stage version of "The Price is Right Live" which, as I can attest, offers items in the $75-$200 range for bidders to bid on contestant's row.

Allison & Rosa eventually got up on stage and took prizes, while Creagan couldn't get out of Contestants' Row. But most importantly, all three share this week's "Dumb Answer of the Week" award. And you can't put a price tag on that.

Okay, maybe you can.

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