Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

January 21st - January 27th, 2013

Text by: Jim Williams

Two of these three contestants will win the not-so coveted Silver Dunce Cap for having a pair of puzzle solves that are just plain dumb. Which two contestants will it be? Find out next on...

Yes, it's "Wheel of Misfortune" time once again for our "Dumb Answer of the Week" column. We go back to the Friday, January 25th episode of "Wheel" for a pair of puzzle solves that leave much to be desired.

We begin with the Jackpot Round puzzle seen above.

Brooke has been in control the whole round and has landed on...

She calls an "F" and a pair of them show up as seen below.

The Jackpot is at $7,000 if she can solve the puzzle correctly.

Go Where?

Well played, Pat. So, let's look at the scores, shall we?

We have one DAotW winner so far. Who will be next?

To answer that we go to a $3,000 Toss Up. What are we looking for, Vanna?

Ooooh, looks like a thing to me.

Go get 'em, Feikamon!

Leather What?

And you thought a flokati rug was a bad choice of wig? How about a leather mullet?!?

So, as you can no doubt tell we have our honorees for the week. Congratulations to Feikamon and Brooke. You both take home the highly un-coveted...

and this week's "Dumb Answers of the Week" accolades.

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