Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

December 30th, 2012 - January 5th, 2013

Text by: Jim Williams

This week's "Dumb Answer of the Week" takes us back to Happy Holidays week on "Wheel of Fortune".

We're looking for a phrase as you can no doubt tell by the image above. But, it's not just any old puzzle it's a...oh wait, they don't even show a graphic for Prize Puzzles anymore. Yeah, well, this is a prize puzzle.

Contestants Beth and Saul revealed the puzzle to the point you see above. After landing on $900, Saul calls for a "Y". Relaying on a beach, eh? With that error in judgment, play passes to Cristal who lands on...

A 1/2 Car Tag. She calls out an "X", and of course it's in the puzzle.

Cristal has the 1/2 Car tag and $500 to her name. Pat points out that this is the last round where the car tags are in play, so Cristal spins again and just misses the other car tag.

Well, it looks like she'll have a little coin for the trip she'll be going on since this is a prize puzzle. Call that missing "C", Cristal.

That character known as High Rollers strikes again.

In swoops Beth to solve the puzzle and win $3,850 and a trip to...

When the half hour was all said and done, Beth came out with a nice haul of almost $47,000 worth of cash & prizes.

Don't feel too bad for her opponents. They each won a nice amount of dinero fom the wheel. But, Cristal also wins the coveted Silver Secily (patent pending) for this week's Dumb Answer column. Oh, and Cristal also wins this lovely parting gift.


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