Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

January 1st - January 7th, 2012

Text by: Jim Williams

To keep things in line with out special month of "Price is Right" oriented inductions, each edition of the Dumb Answer of the Week in January will come from recent episodes of "The Price is Right" (unless someone does something incredibly stupid on another show that just defies logic, of course).

The first week of new "Price" episodes in 2012 featured celebrities playing alongside civilians. Whatever the civilians won would be matched dollar for dollar by "Price" and given to the celebrity's charity of choice.

I can't speak for Rob, but there was one celebrity I was looking forward to seeing on "Price" more than any other.

NPH on TPiR FTW! Neil Patrick Harris is an unabashed fan of the game show genre. Heck, he'd probably be a solid emcee in his own right.

Sadly, though, Neil was a witness to this week's DAotW.

This is Destiny.

This is Destiny violating Drew Carey, and damn near breaking the light wall in the background.

This is Destiny vio...well, since it's NPH I guess it's not REALLY a violation if he willingly lets her do this to him...is it?

Anyway, our barefoot contestant just won a digital camera in her one bid, and now has a chance to win...

A trip to Portugal!

I'd be scared too, Neil.

And, the game at hand is the Grocery Game.

The aim of the Grocery Game is to "purchase" between $20 & $21 worth of the products on the table. Some contestants opt to try to get to that mark with multiple products, but Destiny wants to go for the homerun swing.

Destiny: "I'm gonna go with the soup."

And how many does she want?

Destiny: "16!"
Neil: "Ohhhh!"

Each can of soup costs...

Neil: "Ohhhh nooooo!"

For a total of...

And that's the game.

In addition to a gentle hug from NPH and the camera from her one bid, Destiny won $1,000 on the Big Wheel, and came very close to winning her showcase of prizes, so it's not all doom and gloom for her.

Say, Neil? If you could describe Destiny's miscue on Grocery Game in as few words as possible, how would you describe it?

Well played, sir. Well played.

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