Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

September 25th - October 1st, 2010

I was legitimately torn for this week's Dumb Answer of the Week Award.  It was between a horrible fast money on Family Feud, where there were as many zeros as there were family members on that team and the one that I am doing today.  Although the Family Feud stuff is always funny, I did a Family Feud moment last week and this one totally emphasizes the Dumb Answer of the Week, or in this case, Dumbest Move of the Week.  We go to GSN and Catch 21 and we take a look at the winner of this month's Dick Clark Achievement Award for not knowing basic math.

Enter Kimberly Connitt.

There she is in all of her very pale glory.  I wouldn't have said that unless she said it during her contestant intro.  We're into question two and she manages to correctly answer the question and get 100 points.  So far, so good. 

So now we get to the cards and she's got a good up card with her 10.  Beau has a 6 and her other opponent Shawn has a soft 16.  So She's looking for her ace to go with her face to Catch 21 and go to the place called Reno.  (BTW for anybody that e-mails me about me being a bad poet, at least it isn't as bad as some of the horrible stuff that Alfonzo craps out on the show.)

Unfortunately, no Ace.

Mikki pulls a 5 and now Kimberly decides to pass the card.  But where?

"Well, I'm not going to pass it to Beau and give him 11, so I'm going to pass it to Shawn."

Shawn, dumbfoundedly says..."Doesn't that give me 21?"

Yes it did.  And for the third time in the show's history, a contestant gets passed 21.

So, he gets 500 points and the trip to Reno.  And what does Kimberly do?

That's right, hide her face in utter shock and horror and stupidity.

So, the dumbest move of the week, and answer goes to this lady.

And how does she get rewarded for it?  She gets a good string of luck and wins the game and $6,000 total.  Sweeter Justice: She could have won $20,000 more if not for her chickening out.  KARMA!

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