Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

October 8th - October 15th, 2011

Text by: Mike Klauss

One genre of game shows rarely visited in the Dumb Answer of the Week is kids shows. This time, an exception is made. Let's visit the wonderful world of digital cable, specifically The Hub and their recent entry, "Scrabble Showdown."

One would assume a prerequisite of being on a game called "Scrabble Showdown" is a decent knowledge of the English alphabet and its vocabulary. This week's winner shows that this isn't necessarily always true.

This week's Dumb Answer recipient isn't a kid, though. (I don't believe it should ever go to a kid who might not know better, and I'm sure Rob, Carl and everybody else associated with this site would agree with me.) It goes to a parent. Meet Babsy. (Yes, that's her real name.) If Babsy and her son Tiras win on this episode of Scrabble Showdown, they want airline tickets to Rome.

The game played is Scrabble Flash, based on the game of the same name...or was the board game based on the Family Game Night Season 1 staple of the same name? It doesn't matter. The game is played with 5 electronic tiles, each of which displays a different letter. The team players alternate turns by playing valid three, four, or five-letter words over the course of 30 seconds. In this case, the key word is "valid".

Babsy starts for her team. Her letters are R, O, E, D, A. There are some easy-to-find words in that bunch--road, oar, red and adore, among others. What does Babsy play first?

Roed. *buzz buzz* Try again, Babsy.

Roeda?! *buzz buzz* What is a roeda, besides Rhoda's first name spelled badly?

It's the Brazilian version of Wheel of Fortune, apparently. And it's spelled wrong too. Take 3, Babsy...

Roe! It's a legal word! Babsy probably doesn't know what 'roe' is, but it doesn't matter. Maybe Tiras can turn things around...

...and he does with 'road'. Back to Babsy. Hang on. It's going to be a bumpy ride...

Oade?! Are you even trying?

And at the last second, Babsy pulls 'ode' out of a certain orifice of her body. 10 points total, one per letter used in acceptable words.

For the record, the other team scored 13 points in 21 seconds to win the round and a Sony Vaio laptop while all Babsy won for her performance is this entry. Well done, Babs!

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