Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

October 19th - October 26th, 2013

Text by: Jim Williams

This edition of the "Dumb Answer of the Week" comes from "The Price is Right" and their salute...

What the...who let Taylor and Borland in here? Anyway, it's the show's salute...

To Teachers!

Say hello to John. He's a middle school social studies teacher who won his way out of contestant's row in time to play for...

Up to $10,000 in cash playing the "Grand Game".

You know, with all the great refurbishments and remodeling of pricing games in the last few years, surely one would assume they could've done much more with "Grand Game".

Point taken, Dr. Rumack.

Let's see the target price for today, please.

And here are the items in play.

1.25 ounces of coriander seed, 3 rolls of paper towels, moisturizing dandruff shampoo...

...6 count box of cereal bars, topical pain relieving cream, and some flavored coffee creamer.

Drew asks John for something "you know for sure" is less than $6.

Well, that wouldn't have been my first choice...or my second...or even my third. Let's see if he's right.

Coriander seed is a far cry from salt and pepper, John.

If you're playing at home, the other product that in the sextet that was over $7 was the shampoo at $7.99.

So John leaves with the coffee appliances he won in his one bid and the latest DAotW honors.

But he's a teacher, shouldn't we give him something else, fellas?

Third time's the charm, boys. Third time's the charm.

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