Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

October 23rd - October 29th, 2011

Text by: Jim Williams

The latest Dumb Answer of the Week comes from the Wednesday, October 26th episode of Wheel of Fortune.

Say hello to Nikki. She's a studio tour guide from "beautiful downtown Burbank" and is looking to further herself as a wedding planner.

Through 2 tossups and 1 round, all the money resides to the contestant to her immediate left (your right), Brandon.

Let's see if she gets a crack at this puzzle.

The third contestant, Trista, gets the puzzle uncovered to the following point.

Trista, then hit the mighty...

...and loses $5,150, the Million Dollar wedge, and control to Nikki.

So, Nikki finally gets to spin the mighty wheel and she hits...

...the top dollar value on the Wheel for Round 2.

Her consonant of choice?


1...2...3 G's at $3500 a pop comes out to $10,500. She then proceeds to buy the "O' in the word "GO".

What follows is the game show equivalent of going trick-or-treating for candy and getting rotten fruit.

Nikki Attempts to Solve

Thank you, Mr. Bill.

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm pretty positive you can't get the word "marathon" out of the letters showing in the last word. Besides, what is a night marathon anyway?

Brandon takes control of the wheel, lands on a 1/2 Car Tag, calls an S, and solves the puzzle correctly for the house minimum.

If there's any solace to be had for Nikki, she wasn't the only one to get shutout by the mighty Wheel that day. Brandon got all the main game money that day leaving both Nikki & Trista with the house minimum of $1,000.

But, Nikki leaves not just with $1,000. She leaves with something far more valuable than American currency...something that a price cannot be placed on. She takes away...

"A Blankety Blank CHEQUE BOOK AND PEN!"

What the?!? Who let the ghost of Les Dawson in here? But seriously, Nikki leaves with the final Dumb Answer of the Week for October 2011.

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