Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

October 30th - November 6th, 2010

Text by: Robert Seidelman

So, Family Feud had their TNA Wrestling Special.  If the past is any inclination as to what this wrestling week ended up being, then you know that I had to do the Dumb Answer on the week for the TNA wrestlers that went above and beyond the call of stupidity for family feud answers.    For those that have watched TNA Impact over the past few months, the leader in this brigade is the woman responsible for these bunch of gems.

May I present to you Lacey Von Erich.

On TV, she's portrayed to be quite dim-witted.  However, according to reports on her outside of TNA, she is dim-witted off TV as well, often making simple grammatical mistakes.  So, in short, expect some greatness to come from her.  Nothing insanely stupid happened from her mouth on Monday, but on Tuesday the fun began.  The question was this...

"Name Something that you'd like to be near while riding on an airplane."  Lacey Von Erich, being the blonde bimbo that she is, says...

"A Hot Guy...or a Hot Person."  While she twirls her hair, acting all flirtatious to him.  It gets even more creepy when she says this to him.

"I love Hot Chocolate by the way."  She knows that Steve is Married, but decides to flirt with him anyways.  Steve, being a member of the Original Kings of Comedy, quickly steps in and says "I like Marshmallows in my hot chocolate."  To great approval to the crowd. 

But not to the big board.

We move on to Wednesday where we're dealing with another great question.  "Name a place where people aren't shy about making out in public."  Her first answer was Nudist Colony, which isn't that bad, but it's not the first thing to jump out of your head when you think about making out in public.  But her next answer had my head shaking in shame...

"A Grocery Store?"

Yeah, she said that.  What makes it even worse is that it's coming from personal experience.  She then said that she does it all the time in the freezer section.  I just don't know what to say about that.  I got nothing, Steve's worried about his marriage, after this show...

And the big board smites her again.

But the biggest boneheaded moment was when she was team captain on Thursday's episode.  The guys were just handed their second strike...

And the ladies, under Lacey's command said that "That's three" and they all started chanting work.  I don't need to say anything...

Because Rob Van Dam came to their dismay to say, "Count ladies." while holding up two fingers, meaning they only had two strikes.  Lacey, proving once again that she has the IQ of a bottle of Peroxide, which is probably what seeped into her brain in high school over the years.  I mean, you could see it in her roots.  She's not a natural blonde. 

So after all of this nonsense and stupidity with Lacey Von Erich, Steve only has one motion to do.

"I Give Up." 

I would too after hearing her pearls of wisdom and her winning of the Dick Clark Achievement Award for failing basic math.  Needless to say, She's on TV almost every week, and I'm 100x as smart as she is, have more skills than her, yet I'm still unemployed.  Life is stupid.

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