Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

December 5th - December 11th, 2010

Text by: Jim Williams

Wheel of Fortune is known for having some of the most enthusiastic contestants in the game show genre. Also, it's known for having contestants who freeze under the hot lights and hi-def cameras. Monday, we had one such case study. 

Meet Mase, an honorable JROTC man as you can no doubt tell.

He won the first toss up puzzle (or as I prefer to call it the "first to talk to Uncle Pat" puzzle) and after not touching the mighty wheel in round 1, he would get an opportunity in the middle of round 2.

They're looking for a Place and, oh yes, it's a...


The player to his right had control of the wheel for much of the round accruing $5,750 and getting the puzzle solved to this point.

She called for a C.


Didn't make a lot of sense there, so play passes to Mase.

Mase fills in the L and K in "LAKE" for minimal money. Then lands on...

And with much fear he calls...


That's the face of a man who is not sure of himself, folks. Pat with reserved lilt in his voice assures him there is an R. So, here's the puzzle..


Most of you know what letter goes in the first slot of the first word. But, Mase doesn't know so he spins one more time and what does he land on...

Oh boy.

After a couple of seconds, he's prompted by Pat to give a letter before time runs out, thus forfeiting his turn. He does so.



Bristine Mountain Lake, eh? Rough loss there. It's a tough loss made even rougher by the fact that the next contestant spun and landed on...that's right.

She then called the P, solved the puzzle, and netted $3,500.

Oh crap, it was a PRIZE PUZZLE, ZOMG.

She also received a lovely trip to the Canadian Rockies which are like the American Rockies if they had Molson beer and Mounties.

Don't feel too bad for Mase though. He redeemed himself on the very next puzzle and took home a total of $4,150. Not bad for 20 minutes of TV time.

Oh, I forgot to mention something. In addition to the fact that he's affiliated with the JROTC, Mase originally hails from the island of Samoa.

Poor Bob.

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