Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

November 28th - December 4th, 2010

Text by: Robert Seidelman

On November 30th, we had probably one of the weirdest shows on 1 Vs. 100.  It seemed like things were going smoothly, but contestant Michelle Schwartz failed with $1,000 in her bank, missing on a deceptive flightless bird question.  Giving 50 surviving mob members $20 each.  A number that hasn't been seen since the primetime versions Christmas special a few years back, when most of the mob + the contestant didn't know a simple parking question.  That failure set the tone for the next contestant and Dumb Answer of the Week winner, Vinny Angelo. 

Uhhhh, isn't there some sort of dress code for going on a game show not named The Price Is Right or Let's Make A Deal?  I mean, it looks like they pulled him off of the streets.  And it appears they have.  Vinny is an unemployed Italian Hippie.  Apparently, they do exist.  If this was South Park, Cartman would be having a field day with him.  But at least he knows the game, he's eliminated 22 and has $750 in his bank.  He then sees this question.

Two Fried chicken filets act as a bun, holding two strips of bacon and two types of cheese in what new KFC Sandwich?  A: Double Crunch  B: Double Down  C: Double Bypass

This has to be a pretty easy question.

But not for our Italian hippie Vinny.  He has some reasoning, saying that they wouldn't name something the Double Bypass.  Although, there is a great hot dog stand on the Southside of Chicago called Fat Johnnies that has something called The Mother In Law, which is absolutely delicious, not to mention their drink called The Suicide.  But he continues, saying that Double Down is a gambling term and couldn't be a sandwich....

"It sounds like a pretty crunchy sandwich to me, so I'm going to lock in A."

All I'm going to say is "YOU FOOL!!!"  If you've watched TV for the past 6 months, and you have, you knew that KFC was pimping out this sandwich as if it were the second coming of Colonel Sanders himself.  It prided itself on being so fat-laden that it drew in the people.

And the fat has been trimmed here.  B was the right answer.  Carrie Ann was also shocked.  I'm guessing she was fooled by Vinny's persuasive reasoning.  But then again, I'm just happy he failed so spectacularly.


What was funnier is that the 55 Mob Members that got it right, Including Dr. Huang, who won $10,000 a couple days prior and About.com's Chad Mosher, split his $750.  That equated to $13.76 for each mob member.  Enough to by about 2 double downs and maybe have enough for a small drink.

Vinny, doesn't get any money, so he's off back home and will be going to KFC and trying to buy his double crunch.  Enjoy the non-existent sandwich. 

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