Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

February 5th - February 11th, 2012

Text by: Jim Williams

The following Dumb Answer of the Week actually comes from more than a week ago. This doesn't really fall under the "Secily Rule" so much as it does the "Super Bowl Zonked Me Out Big Time" rule. And speaking of "zonks", here's the latest Dumb Answer of the Week starring...

Robert & Renee, a couple of 8 years. Here's what they could win.


You know what? Having Bully here actually makes sense. Behind curtain one...

A retro refridgerator with $500 worth of delicious Baskin Robbins ice cream worth $3,195.


An all in one touch screen desktop computer, a laptop computer, a portable printer, plus a year of broadband and mobile internet services worth $4,481.


A wonderful 6 day, 5 night trip to St Kitts worth $6,204!

And the name of the game that Robert and Renee are playing is called "Panic Button".

As seen in the display above, 6 buttons are present on the table in front of them. 3 buttons do nothing, while 3 buttons are "panic buttons" that end up closing one of the 3 curtains. Our baseball player and his finely dressed wife will pick 3 buttons. Whatever curtains remain open after 3 buttons are theirs to keep.

Renee picks first.


Ooooh, there goes the retro fridge.

Robert gets the next selection.


A safe choice. Nothing else closes.

So, we know that Robert & Renee will have at least one prize to their name. But, will they be able to keep both of the remaining prizes which have a combined value of more than $10,000? Renee makes the game's third and final pick.


Will they keep the computers and the trip?

DAMN YOU, GREENY! GO BACK TO BRISTOL WHERE YOU BELONG! Actually, does he even belong there?

Nothing further closes!

So, Robert and Renee lose out on a retro fridge, but pick up a pair of nice computers and a fabulous second honeymoon to St. Kitts. So, it's back to their seats and...

Thank you, Lee.

As you can see above, two new buttons, labeled A and B, have been added to the table.

Wayne Brady offers the option to either walk with the prizes they've won or gamble it all on one more round. Should they gamble, the couple will pick either A or B. One button opens all 3 curtains, including the retro fridge, while the other closes them all. Should they find the "master button", they'll win all 3 prizes and $1,000, but finding the "master panic button" means they win nothing.

As I mentioned earlier, they have over $10,000 in prizes already. This is essentially risking $10,000 for the chance to win another $3,000 worth of prizes and $1,000 in cash. So, naturally they decide...

"Let's go for it. We're gonna go for it."

Well, actually it seems like Robert made the decision.

"Me? Let him do it." - Renee

Well, our fair Angel in the Outfield selects "A".

Say goodbye to all those prizes, and say hello to the Dumb Answer of the Week. And so, the baseball player and his wife pressed their luck one too many times and now...


This Dumb Answer of the Week could not have been done without the suggestion from CLW83 contributor, game show contestant extraordinaire, and good friend Jason Block. Check out Jason's writings on the world of game shows at www.gameshownewsnet.com

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