Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

March 5th - March 11th, 2012

Text by: Jim Williams

Those of you who have read my Dumb Answer of the Week articles in the past know that I usually go for the jugular when it comes to the "winners" of the DAotW. This week, however, I'm just going to lay it out there for all of you to digest as you see fit. I'm channeling my inner Ray Scott (NFL fans under the age of 35, just Google his name already) this go round by simply letting the pictures tell the story with minimal commentary.

This week's DAotW comes from the February 27th edition of "The Price is Right".

This is John in Contestant's Row.

This is John after learning he won his way out of Contestant's Row.

This is the trip he's playing for on stage.

This is the game he's playing.

What follows is one of the most mind-numbingly bad playings of "Bonkers" in recent memory. Enjoy?


This is John after tasting the agony of defeat.

This is a reenactment of my reaction after watching it all go down by "High Rollers".


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