Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

April 23rd - April 30th, 2011

Text by: Robert Seidelman

This wouldn't be taking place this week, if not for the guidance of Michael Klauss.  He pointed out to me that a new show debuted on Tuesday called Repo Games.  Basically, it's Cash Cab, but for people who are late on their car payments and need to have them repossessed.  To set the stage, the format is this.  Your car is going to get repossessed unless you answer 3 out of 5 trivia questions correctly.  Then your car is paid in full.  It's Cash Cab for the financially irresponsible.  The show is dismal at best, but it's not without purpose.  It's purpose: Giving this site material for Dumb Answer of the Week.  Let's meet our first idiot.

His name is John, but he goes by the nickname Donuts.  No, I'm serious.  That's what he calls himself.  Anyways, he says that's his nickname because he's got a Cream Filled Long John, and Spike even censored the word cream.  I may swing that way, but there is no way that I'd want to touch that ugly dude's long john, or any part of his body for that matter.  I should point out that he got into this position because of the financial crisis this country is in, and he was a victim of it.  I'm assuming he lost his job and couldn't make his car payments.  In this game though, he's already missed his first two questions...however to be fair, they were quite unfair.  I mean, he probably didn't know the top 5 money-making actresses in Hollywood or Hugh Hefner's current wife.  He has to get the next 3 right, otherwise his Buick LeSabre is getting hauled off.

Here's his next, possibly last question.

"How many red stripes are on the current US Flag?"

I mean, that's a easy question.  Surely, any red-blooded American would know that there are 7 red stripes on the current US Flag.  I mean, there's always been 7 red stripes on the US flag, whenever they started having stripes on the flag.  So, he should know this.

"13.  The 13 original colonies, so that's what I am going with."

Wow.  I guess he wasn't thinking with his head.

Needless to say that was incorrect, so his Buick LeSabre gets Repossessed and on the first episode, he becomes the first person to get completely skunked in the show's history, however I don't know if its going to have much of a history.  At the end though, it should be noted that he thanked the people for giving him a chance to win control of his car.

Personally, you should never take on something unless you have the means to pay it off.  If you don't, then you should work with the car people.  Or at least practice some Financial responsibility.

That's right, Mr. Red Stripe beer man and drunken man without any pants.  Practicing financial responsibility is beneficial for your future.

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