Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

April 3rd - April 8th, 2011

Text by: Jim Williams & Robert Seidelman

This is a special Dumb Answer of the Week column this week. We had two candidates that were worthy enough to be bestowed the honor that is the Dumb Answer of the Week Award.  So, I'm going to turn in to Jim Williams and he'll give you the first one and I will give you the second one.  Take it away, Jim.

It is another historic moment here at Game Show Garbage. For the first time, our Dumb Answer of the Week spotlights a mind boggling sequence from Let's Make a Deal!

This is Whendi. She's been picked by Wayne Brady to play a game where each of 3 curtains have been given a clue word. The clue words were "Home", "Road" & "Park" for curtains 1, 2 & 3 respectively.

The game she plays to determine the curtain she owns involves tokens being concealed in a small bag & (a la 3 Strikes to some extent) she reaches into the bag & picks out a token with a number on it. Whichever token she picks, is the curtain she gets.

She picks a token with a 3 on it & owns Curtain #3. Time now to see what she didn't get. They reveal Curtain #1 & it has a lovely bedroom set with HDTV worth $3,253.

Wayne then mentions of the 2 remaining curtains, 1 has a prize, while the other has a zonk. Wayne offers $700, then $1000 & both times Whendi sticks with the curtain. And behind Curtain #2 we find...

CHASCO...I mean, ZONKMOBILE! So, what did she win behind Curtain #3?

It's a new Chevy Aveo worth $15,195!

Now, I hear you, folks. You're saying, "Where's the case of the 'dumb-dumbs'"? Well, I'm getting there.

A few minutes later, it's time to see which trader will trade away their winnings for a shot at the Big Deal of the Day worth $23,695. So, Wayne starts with the day's biggest winner, Whendi with the $15,000+ car.

Back in the old days when Monty Hall would ask a person who won a car, he'd say something like "surely, (insert name here) won't give back his/her car for a chance at the Big Deal, will they?" Wayne, instead, asks point blank if she's willing to trade & Whendi says...

"I'm going to trade it."

Truth be told, it's not often that I watch the current Let's Make a Deal, but I happened to watch this episode on its original Monday airing. When I heard her say she was going to trade her car in for a chance at the Big Deal, I pretty much said...


Thank you, Penn.

Anyway, after the break even Wayne is in Chad Ochocinco mode.

"Whendi gave up a brand new car worth $15,195 to go for the Big Deal...I think I speak for a lot of people when I say 'WHAT?!?'"

Child, please indeed.

But, Whendi cited that she instead wanted to win a trip to Hawaii or some place far off. Okay...I guess.

She is given her choice of doors & opts to pick Door #3, since Curtain #3 earlier gave her good luck. Let's see what she passed up on behind Door #2.

A lovely TRIP to South Africa worth $9,138.

So she gives back a car & despite Wayne saying there might be another trip behind Door #1 or Door #3, you know as well as I do that she's not going to be told to...


Wait, who invited John Davidson to hijack this page?

Anyway, let's see what's behind her choice, Door #3.

An Apple electronics suite which includes a Macbook, an obsolete iPad & an iPhone 4 worth a paltry $2,197.

The Big Deal of the Day was behind Door #1. Hmmm, she gave up a car, I wonder what she missed out on in the Big Deal?

And, boom goes the dynamite, a new car & a year's worth of Jiffy Lube oil changes.

I will give Whendi credit on 2 fronts.

1. She had a pretty awesome aquarium costume.

2. She had a good attitude about it all.

But, that's all negated by the fact that she committed a major misplay. She could have had a perfectly fine car & could have, oh I don't know, sold it to someone to get more than enough money to go wherever she wanted. But, did she do that? No. Anyone have any final thoughts on Whendi's decision?


Kuni is a sage man.

But, not even Kuni could fathom the level of stupid that we would get later in the week on The Price is Right. So, we bring you a bonus 2nd Dumb Answer of the Week featuring an epic fail from Price and here to describe the (mis)play by (mis)play is Robert Q. Seidelman. Rob?

Thank you Jim.  While that is a great candidate, my pick for the Dumb Answer of the Week is something that happened the following day on The Price Is Right.

Her name is Christy Paris.  She's a young, enthusiastic college student who just won her way up on stage and winning a nice Coffee & Tea Service.  Now she gets to play what Drew thinks is the best game on the Price is right.  She could win countertop Kitchen appliances, a lovely bar set........


She will be playing Rat Race.  Yeah, the game that Drew invented is the one he thinks that is the best game out there.  Plinko, Punch-a-Bunch and Cliffhangers says hello.  She knows that she must win A rat.  The first item is a basic carton of Egg Beaters.  She has to be within a dollar. 

She guesses "$1.79"

BUZZZZZZZZZZZ!  It was $3.49.  So no rat, but we get to the next one, a cool looking popcorn popper.  She has a $10 window, high or low.  So what does she bid?

"I'm going to say $25."

BUZZZZZZZZZ!  Guess not.  It was $60.  Now she has to get this next one otherwise it's game over for her.  Her final object is a waterproof digital camera that can take great pictures and HD movies.    She has $100 worth of leeway, so this has to be it otherwise, she fails.

"I'll say $169, Drew"

FAAAAAAAAIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!  It was $280.  So, she becomes the first person in the game's short history to completely fail at every turn at this game.  She doesn't get any rats and no prizes.  Now that would be bad enough, but there's another reason why she's being featured here.  She was first at the wheel and spins a 60.  Now, while that's a middling number, especially with 2 people behind you, logic says you stay since you have a better chance of going over if you go again.  And seeing how logic doesn't exist in Christy's world, she decides to spin again.  And what does she come up with?

OVER!  So not only did she go against the odds, she winds up with her tail between her legs by going over more than The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. 

So there ya have it.  Two worthy candidates of the Dumb Answer of the Week award. 

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