Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

May 25th - June 1st, 2013

Text by: Jim Williams

Is this the face of someone who just won big on "The Price is Right"? Well, considering the section of the site you're reading, you probably already know the answer.

This is Janaye from Charlotte, NC. She just won her way on stage by coming with $19 of the price of a satellite radio package. And you know where she could listen to satellite radio?

How about behind the wheels of her brand new car! (See, I can ad-lib like George Gray too.)

Yes, Janaye is trying to win this 2013 Chrysler 200 LX as modeled by the lovely Gwendolyn.

The pricing game this go around is "Five Price Tags". Never mind the possible car prices. We'll get a look at them later after Janaye wins up to 4 picks by correctly telling us whether the prices of some small prizes are true or false.

First up, we have a SodaStream home kit complete with glasses and a CO2 unit.

Is the price listed above true or false?

Never mind that. She can still win up to 3 picks. On to the next prize.

Here you see a beach towel with matching patterned beach bag.

Would you pay $36 for this summertime set of accessories?

Well, she can still win 2 picks, so let's not lose hope. What's next?

Looks like a citrus juicer. I could go for a glass of orange juice (especially one blended by one of the show's female models).

True or false?

We have reached a crucial point. Janaye must earn a pick here or the game is over.

It's a Cuisinart Hand Blender. I remember having one of these years ago. Didn't do much for me, but your mileage may vary.

Come on, Janaye...you've got this.

And she relies on the audience...

And booms goes the dynamite.

The day wasn't a total loss for Janaye. She spun $1.00 on the big wheel and earned a spot in the Showcase round, but she underbid her showcase by a country mile.

Sadly, for blanking out on "Five Price Tags", Janaye is deserving of the latest Dumb Answer of the Week.

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