Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

June 4th - June 10th, 2012

Text by: Jim Williams

This week, I offer up two contestants from two episodes of "The Price is Right" who had cases of the dumb dumbs. Let's meet our first contestant right now.

This is Donna. She got the call to contestant's row at the last possible moment. She's got one chance to bid. Fellas? Show Donna what she's gonna be biddin' on.

Okay, a nice little dinette set. Donna's up first and as she is about to bid Drew reminds her that it's her only chance to get on stage so "don't blow it". And what does she bid?

Who let Hawk Harrelson in this post? He's only allowed to be ridiculed on "Touch 'Em All", the baseball podcast I host every other week at www.clw83.com.

But, yes, needless to say Donna blew it. The ARP was only $1496, so all she received was a trip...to where Bill?!?

That has to be my all time favorite "Raffertyism".

As if that wasn't bad enough, we fast forward to Wednesday and a contestant who ends up with a double dose of the "dumb dumbs".

This is Daisy. Unlike Donna the day before, Daisy was one of the first four called to come on down. After two reasonable but unsuccessful attempts to win her way on stage, maybe this third IUFB will be the charm.

His and her luggage. Nice.

Daisy will bid second this go round. And after hearing a reasonable bid of $1200 from Marlene before her, Daisy bids...

Someone get Hawk some Advil...or a tranquilizer.

To add insult to injury, the $1200 bid that preceded Daisy's $8000 was a perfect bid, so Marlene got up on stage and won 5 benjamins for her accuracy in doing so.

But, things would get better for Daisy. On the very next one bid, she wins a four piece jewelry collection. Drew goes so far to say, "You went from a disaster bid of $8000 to being off by $5." And, now she's got the opportunity to win...

...playing "It's In The Bag". Here are the items that are in play in the game.

Toothpaste, a small container of tomatoes, krill oil, dishwasher detergent, heat gel, and good old cheese whiz.

The prices are as follows from left to right: $1.49, $9.69, $6.79, $4.99 & $3.69.

She decides to place the toothpaste in the first bag, krill oil in the second bag, dish detergent in the third bag, heat gel in the fourth bag and the Cheese Whiz in the last bag.

So, for $1,000 all we have to see in the bag below is a tube of toothpaste.

And we don't.

For what it's worth the only bag she had right would have been the $9.69 bag with the krill oil.

So, after all this why is Daisy still smiling? Well, she ends up spinning $1.00 on the big wheel followed by a $.05 on the bonus spin for a total of $11,000 and a trip to the showcase round...

...where she would overbid on her showcase by all of $180.

And this Dumb Answer of the Week is...

And hopefully, your broadcasting career will be soon Hawk. 

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