Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

June 11th - June 17th, 2011

Text by: Jim Williams

To borrow the words of Bob Barker, Thursday's episode of The Price is Right had "another historic moment". It was so historic that it ends up right here as the latest Dumb Answer of the Week.

Meet Nancy. She's the last contestant called to "come on down" to contestant's row. She had one chance to bid, and she didn't blow it! Her opening bid of $850 on an automatic coffee center was closest to the actual retail price (ARP) of $1,199. Good for her, being that she's such a java junkie! No, really. She was jumping up and down when they brought out the coffee machine. She now has a chance to win home office furniture & a desktop computer worth $5,630. And to win that prize package she'll have to play...

Cliff Hangers!

Now, before we go further, I know what you're thinking. "Jim, this is going to be another Yodely Guy suicide with some insane over the top guess on the first small prize, right?"

Thank you, Mr. Corso. What follows is a playing of Cliff Hangers that I don't think I've ever seen the likes of before on The Price is Right. Let's take a look at the 3 items Nancy will be guessing the ARP of.

Mrs. Kenny "The Jet" Smith is showing that we have a 4 cup liquid measuring cup, an egg boiler that can hold seven hard or soft boiled eggs & an aluminum whipped cream dispenser. Thank you, Gwendolyn, and please tell your husband to stop doing those "Kenny's Pictures" segments on Inside the NBA, please?

Back to the game. We start with the measuring cup & Nancy guesses...

"Five. Five dollars!"

Whoa! I can't think of a time when a $5 prize was used for Cliff Hangers. Her guess is wrong, of course. So the Yodely Guy starts climbing and stops at...


The ARP of the measuring cup is $15.

On to the egg boiler and Nancy thinks it costs...


I'm with you, Long Island Iced Z. Apparently, she doesn't watch the show. And, this guess might do her in. Our friend, the Yodely Guy, starts climbing. Will he live to see another prize?

Yes, but barely! He stops at the edge of the cliff on 25. The ARP of the egg boiler was $22.

All is not lost for Nancy (who considers coffee quite fancy). If she gets the price of the whipped cream dispenser on the nose, she'll still win the office furniture and touchscreen desktop computer.

In the game Cliff Hangers, the small prizes you have to guess the ARP of always get more expensive. So, knowing that the measuring cup cost $15 & the egg boiler cost $22, Nancy logically thinks the whipped cream dispenser is worth...


Drew busts out laughing at the guess before asking if her guess was right, which of course, it wasn't.

"Bye Yodely Guy. You just killed Yodely Guy." - Drew Carey

By the way, that's not a still of the Yodely Guy falling. He actually got stuck at that very spot. I guess our fair mountain climber was so perplexed by Nancy's performance that he didn't want to give her the pleasure of seeing him plummet to his ultimate demise.

Nancy certainly had one of the worst playings of Cliff Hangers in recent memory. She didn't spin her way to the showcase round, so all she's left with is a coffee machine to take home to...

Yeah, you knew that was coming. 

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