Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

August 19th - August 25th, 2012

Text by: Mike Klauss

Seidelman Note: Because there is absolutely no new shows on TV right now that give us fresh material, Mike Klauss has generously found this gem from the UK.  It might not be from a brand new show, but it's still well worth the title.

For this Dumb Answer of the Week, we jump all the way back to April and the British quizzer Cleverdicks. This week's victim is Paul, a four-time winner who has pocketed absolutely nothing thus far. On this installment, Paul is attempting to win a £5000 jackpot.

The object of the final round is to prevent a tower of questions from reaching a bar near the top of the screen. Questions are added to the stack once per six seconds. Questions are removed from the bottom of the tower with either a correct answer or dropping a question. The contestant can drop a question no more than twice. Again, the contestant can drop a question if they are stumped.

What you don't want happening in the final round.

Paul goes on a hot streak to start. His board is empty after 24 seconds.

With under a minute left, Paul has blitzed through 10 straight questions.

With 54 seconds left, Paul gets the following: "What name for a breed of black or red beef cattle is derived from two traditional Scottish counties?"

"Angus Sutherland..."
"Argyle and Sutherland"

The tower is rising...

"Oh blast."

(Look what he has two of in the bottom left corner.)

Inverness, among other answers.

"Oh blast."

And with 13 seconds left, it happens.

Ann Widdecombe: "You had two drops left! You had two drops left! I was waiting for you to drop it. It was Aberdeen Angus. If you dropped it, you would've done it! Ohhh! I can't stand it!"

What's going on in Paul's mind? "I just forgot about (the drops)."

After rubbing in Paul's utter failure to win £5000, Ann goes through the questions above the stumper, in order. Paul gets the first three questions immediately. The money was his if he used only one of his drops.

Paul returned for a fifth chance at the money on the following show, but did not win the £6000 pot. Thus, this five-time champion has absolutely nothing for his efforts.

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