Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

September 13th - September 17th, 2010

Text by: Robert Seidelman

(Note: This is the first ever column done)

With the second year of Game Show Garbage coinciding with the debut of the new TV season, it's time to unleash a new section here on Game Show Garbage.  This section will feature more on current game shows more than the past that we normally delve in with the inductions.  This section will feature the worst answer or answers of the week, depending on the circumstance.  And what better way to start off the new section with a pair of dumb Wheel of Fortune puzzle solves.

Our first entrant is Lynn Statham from Hermosa Beach.  She seemed like a good game player, and to be honest, she was.  After her opponent hit "Lose A Turn", she managed to rack up $2,700 and the Wild Card and got to the puzzle to this stage.

She then decides to solve the puzzle and utters the first bad solve of the new season.

"We're Just Getting Wired Up"

Well, obviously wrong for a few reasons that harkens me back to "Kill The Vampire".  Firstly, Wired doesn't equate to 6 letters and secondly, there was already an I in the puzzle showing.  So, just some bad judgment there.  Not only did she lose out on the puzzle, but she lost out on her wild card after hitting a Bankrupt in round 2.  But don't feel too bad for her.  She wound up hitting it big in rounds 3 & 4, winning the game with $29,360 , prompting Pat to say that "aliens must have abducted her after round two and left this person in her place".  Hilarious and mean, but so so right..  She ultimately failed in the bonus round for another $30,000, the show's new minimum bonus prize.  But that doesn't excuse her lack of judgment in the first puzzle.

Now normally she would get sole honors, but she shares the dubious distinction with someone who did the same thing.

Her name is Ashlen Burnette from Henderson Nevada.  A young, spunky player who in the game had bad luck with the wheel earlier in the game, hitting Bankrupt a couple of times.  Her opponents got the puzzle revealed to this.

After her opponent Leslie picked a bad letter, she opted to solve the puzzle.  She joins Lynn this week with this gem.

"Reading Under A Beach Umbrella"

Like the first missolve, she didn't look at the puzzle already, solving the puzzle with a word that didn't fit the amount of spaces, had a letter that was already on the board & wasn't even grammatically correct to begin with.  However, she did have a good solve in Round 3 for $3,150.  So, the day wasn't a total loss.

Both of these two have a dubious distinction for being the first two to have bad solves this year, thus earning the first Dumb Answer of the Week Award.

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