Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

September 15th - September 22nd, 2012

Text by: Jim Williams

To those of you who have missed my "Dumb Answer" updates over the summer...I'm baaaaaack! And I'm back with a new season of answers that will make you say...

Glad to have Kuni back for another year as well.

"Family Feud" may have polished itself up real nice for high definition this season, but some of the answers coming from the Grand family on the season premiere of "Feud" were another kind of HD, "highly dense".

The top 7 answers are on the board. Steve then asks the contestants to name something guys hate to do in front of other guys.

Joseph, the head of the Grand family, gives the number 1 answer...

Some of us like calling it going to the bathroom, but okay. And, Joseph says the family will play the question.

With 6 answers left on the board, there are plenty of sensible answers to choose from. Blanca is up for the challenge and says...

Oh boy.

And now the fun begins.

I'd splat some egg on Blanca's face, but Steve did a fair enough job there after.

A great answer indeed.

The Grand Family would eventually take the bank on an unsuccessful steal attempt by the Flammia family.

Let's fast forward to the final round of the game where...

What the? Who let Richard Karn in? Get security on the phone!

The top 4 answers are on the board. Steve asks them to name an animal with spots.

After Mandie Flammia says "Cheetah" which ranks #3, Ilona Grand comes up with the top answer...

The Grands will play with just 2 correct answers separating them from victory.

We're looking for a spotted animal, and Ingrid without hesitation says.

You never want to see Steve make that kind of a face after giving an answer. Actually, you never want to see Steve make that face after doing anything. But, this king of comedy takes it one step further.

The Steve Harvey Collection suit stays on!!!

The Grands failed to clear the board and the Flammias stole for the round and the win.

Instead of potentially winning "Fast Money", the Grands take home the first Dumb Answer of the Week honors for the 2012-2013 season.

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