Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

September 20th - September 24th, 2010

Text by: Robert Seidelman

Ahhh, Family Feud.  What wouldn't we do with you?  I mean, you've always been a really good show, save for when Louie Anderson was hosting.  However, what draws us in most of the time is when some of the contestants gives us answers that are so completely wrong and off the wall, we just have to go back, shake our heads in utter disbelief.  Such an occurrence happened this week on the show.  Let's introduce this week's knucklehead.

This weeks Entrant is Dirk Darling.

Wait, no not Dirk the Daring.

That's Dirk Darling.  His family on the show has done well.  They are on their 4th game, and he's up to bat with a very interesting survey.  "Name someone who you'd be ashamed to tell that you use Viagra."  Lots of good answers spring to mind, like your parents or even your best friend or co-workers.  But, he immediately jumps up and says...

"I'm going to say the President of the United States."

Wow.  That takes a special type of numbskull to come up with an answer so bad that the audience doesn't even respond to that. 

It's so bad that Steve Harvey is in stunned silence.  Then he meekly says, "Dirk is looking for the President of the United States."

Yeah, you know that was going to happen.

Normally, that'd be the end of it, but Dirk goes to the buzzers for Round 2.  Steve proceeds to accidently read the first question again, to which Dirk said that his answer would still proceed to be The President of the United States.  Steve then proceeds to go on one of the best smitings this show has seen.

"That is by far the Suckiest answer I've ever heard during my stay on this show.  Who do you know that even knows the president?  We got two wars, a bad economy and an Oil Spill, he ain't worried about you using no Viagra!."

That alone makes up for Steve's horrible week on Millionaire.

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