Dumb Answer of the Week
What Happens When You Speak Before You Think

September 21st - September 28th, 2013

Text by: Jim Williams

The latest Dumb Answer of the Week comes to us from premiere week on "The Price is Right".

This is Brittany. She's wearing a tiara because it's her 25th birthday, not because she's a princess or anything. She just won the very first one bid of the day. Let's see what else she can win now!

A trip to Canada...more specifically it's a trip to Vancouver, BC. But to win that vacation, she must succeed at...

...keeping the Yodely Guy on the mountain.

Let's see the first item Brittany has to price.

A 2 quart stainless steel tea kettle.

How much is that tea kettle worth?

Oh boy. She's not right. But how wrong is she?

"First round knockout on 'CliffHangers'!" - Drew

Off by $26 to be precise.

Looks like Brittany's mom isn't getting a piece of cake at her party after the show.

Don't feel too bad for Brittany though. In addition to the iPod and headphones she won for getting on stage, she won a showcase that included a trip to D.C. and a sailboat and took home almost $30,000.

So, in the end there was much mirth for Brittany on her day of birth. But because she caused the first Yodely Guy suicide of Season 42, Brittany also lays claim to winning this beautiful dunce cap award.

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