#94: SNL's Phillips Family Feud Parody
Let's make fun of incest and screw up everything else as well!


NBC: (2009)

Saturday Night Live is one of those shows that is currently WAY WAY WAY past it's sell-by date.  There are times where Saturday Night Live was very funny and very entertaining.  Sadly, that stopped happening after 2003 when Will Ferrell left the show and the funny had to be sought out in a sketch rather than coming to you.  Nowadays, the sketches are even more painful than most of the sketches on MadTV.

With that little rant out of the way, it's time to do another one.  Incest is never funny.  It's sick, it's disgusting and it should never happen.  So when McKenzie Phillips came out and said that while in her drug-addled state in the late 70s-Early 80s, she had had an affair with her father, former Mammas and the Papas singer, John Phillips.  It was a sad thing to come out and say for sure, but it did made me throw up a bit in my mouth.  Sadly, with the way SNL is right now, they took something sick and decided, "Let's make a parody of this with the entire Phillips Family on Family Feud, including her then husband.  It'll be hilarious."  Thus, this sad parody was born.


The sketch starts out with the title card for GSN, claiming that we're only watching because we're in bed sick.  First off, kiss my ass, SNL.  Secondly, if you're going to actually do a spiel like this, at least get the name of the show that your parodying right.  It's Family FEUD!  NOT FUED, FEUD!  Get it right.  Anyways, if this is Family Feud, we need another celebrity family to play against them.  So who do we get?


They pair them up with the Osmonds.  Donny, Marie, Wayne and someone they call "The Other One".  I mean, it's like they don't do their research.  And Yes, I know it's supposed to be a parody, but you didn't see Gene Wood half-assing stuff.  What they didn't half ass....

...is the Phillips Family.  They had the prime offender in John Phillips, Mackenzie and then John's then wife and Mackenzie's then Husband.  BTW, if you know the underlying aspect as to why they are doing this, then you'll understand why the other halves are on one end and John and Mackenzie are on the other side.  If it doesn't seem obvious to you now, don't worry.  The writers will beat you over the head with the overtones in just a minute.

I'm going to just state again on how much they half-assed this.  It looks like this set was built on a $10 budget, which is still more than the budget that Hold Everything! had, but I Digress.  I guess they spent all their money on the musical guest and the host this week, whoever that was.  I mean, it's small and it looked like they didn't care at all.  So, if they didn't care about the set or misspelling Feud, they would care about the comedy right?

Well, if it's on Game Show Garbage, you know that the comedy is god awful.

The guy playing Richard asks the fake Donny Osmond about how he stays so grounded, and he just says spending time with his family.  Then John says "Same Answer, Time With family" while leering at Mackenzie.  So yeah, they're already hitting people over the head with the blunt instrument of the bleeding obvious running gag of incest.  They ask the question, "Things you keep for a long time."  John immediately buzzes in and guesses....


High, this is why you have your own T-Shirt.  Yes, another blunt use of the incest angle here.  We're only 2 minutes into this stupid sketch and I already feel like throwing in the towel.  Needless to say he got the buzzer, and the Osmonds got control.  So, they half-assed the research, the set, and other things about this sketch.  Well, that sums up SNL for the past 9 years: Half-assing everything just to make sure their budget is still small enough so that with nobody watching, they can still stay on the air. 

We follow that up with Marie saying that the only thing that they are high on is life. 

Then since the Phillips clan is supposed to be about rampant drug use and alcohol use, John says they are high on life, as well as downers, wine and not life.  I'm at the point where I should just give up and save myself some sanity.  But then again, that does sound like a good idea.  I do need to save some semblance of sanity to go through the rest of the crap.

We fast-forward a couple of minutes and get to where Richard talks to the Phillips family.  Gives Mackenzie a kiss, and John tells him to watch out.  Richard says "Must be a protective father", John then says, "Yeah something like that."  And another piece of my soul has died inside.  I think I'll just skip to the last part.  The question being, "things you do with your father."

Yes, John, we know.  We're being beat over the head with the lead pipe of obvious joke right now.  The Phillips Family gets control, and Mackenzie quips about them waiting 30 years for an answer.  Yeah, just what we've been thinking.  Maybe I could have waited 30 years before I have done this sketch, but then again in 30 years, I'd be married, and would be actually in the TV industry or something to that effect and I wouldn't have time to do this induction anyways.  Anyways, she finally says sports, which is up there.  Then we get Mackenzie's husband to just blow the lid off of the obvious jar that we've been beaten with already.

"Yeah, Mackenzie and her dad are always going out to play sports, and I'm like Can I come?  But John says that they like to play sports just the two of us.  And also at a hotel."

Not enough.

Still not enough.

There we go.

So with the incest lid blown completely off, the sketch ends.

I'm not a fan of Saturday Night Live's new cast, and I wish they'd just cancel the show outright now.  It's pretty sad to see what it's become.  And it's sketches like this to see why.  It's not funny, moreover it's just sick and pathetic.  I'm done with this induction.  Now if you excuse me, I'm going to watch a funny SNL Sketch involving game shows.

"Suck on it SNL!  Suck it long, and Suck it Hard!"

Thank you Sean Connery.

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