#199: Man O Man
Why do you want substance when you have 10 alpha males singing, dancing and stripping for a bike?


ITV: (May-August 1996, August 1998 - August 1999)

OK, the Mid 90's for game shows in the UK and US were a vapid wasteland of half-baked ideas, especially from Reg Grundy.  For every Sale & Scrabble & Going for Gold, you had Small Talk & Scattegories & Time Machine.  Ok, that was an 80s show, but the point stands.  If I had to single out Grundy's worst idea, it was Man O Man.  A twist on the beauty pageants of old and instead turns it into something about as pathetic as Last Call on a Wednesday Night at your local watering hole.  Big thanks for my collab partner Kim Justice for helping me out with the video and the scripting.

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