The 2016-2017 season for Game Show Garbage....well it hasn't been the best.  Not only did a lot of bad shows come down the pike that made viewers cringe, but more importantly, we lost a great friend in Jim Williams at the all too young age of 32.  The entire 9th year of Game Show Garbage will be dedicated to him, starting with this years Patrick Wayne Award Winner.  We have 5 Finalists this year that would make anybody cringe in their awfulness, in many different ways.  With that being said, here are your five finalists!


Save To Win (CW's One Magnificent Morning)


Never in a million years would I think a weekly game show would come back to syndication.  I also didn't expect it to be this downright tedious.  Family Dollar gives us a show so cheap you'd find it on the shelves at Dollar Tree.  Bland gameplay, a reject Shop Til You Drop stunt for round 2 and a bonus game that is downright impossible to win, since nobody won it when the show was on the air.


Divided (GSN)


One of the worst shows of the past 10 years in the UK comes over to the US and it's even worse!  With a four person format, added gimmicks that add fuel to the fire of central casting douchebags, and Mike Richards wishing he was doing anything else, it's a recipe for disaster.  Sadly for those who enjoyed good shows, it's a successful recipe that's getting season 2 this month.


Jeff Varner Outs Zeke Smith as Trans on Survivor (CBS)


Survivor has had its share of cringeworthy moments, but Varner takes it one step further with this one. Outing someone else is something no one should do, but outing someone to millions of people and under the guise of deception in order to advance further into the game goes above and beyond the usual gameplay that terrible people like Johnny Fairplay and Russell Hantz do.



Totally.TV's That's The Word (YouTube)


There have been a lot of terrible Kids Game Shows.  There have been a lot of terrible internet game shows.  That's The Word from combines the worst of both worlds.  A game that's a shameless ripoff of Password, a host that is little more than vapid eye-candy and unneeded mess as punishment sucks out all of the fun for the viewer of this show.



The Wall (NBC)


Honestly, this show might be here because Candy Crush was ineligible since it debuted after the cut-off, but votes matter and The Wall got a ton of them.  Fans rejected this show to what basically amounts as an hour long version of Plinko, with your stereotypical NBC Primetime Game Show Tropes in contestants from central casting, minimal game and cliffhanger commercial breaks to the delight of....a lot of people since the show is a hit...but not to the voters.


 Well, that's the list for the finalists.  Be sure to vote below to select the worst in game shows from 2016-2017.  Remember what Jim Williams says: Vote Early, Vote Often & Vote for the Worst!


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