While 2017-2018 saw a bit of a resurgence for us here at Game Show Garbage, with the additions of Jessica Brand coming on board as our new Dumb Answer of the Week correspondant and Marc Power with the new Games O'Canada section, game shows as a whole seemed to be little more than knockoffs nowadays, with the only gems being stuff that was either original or a revival of a great show, such as Ellen's Game of Games and Double Dare. But since we talk about the absolute worst, we have the five finalists for the title of the Worst Thing in Game Shows in 2017-2018.



Candy Crush (CBS)


Having missed the deadline by 3 days last year, it was a no-brainer that people would remember the high profile failure that this show was. A show that was baffling to those that watched it, Mario Lopez sleepwalking throughout the entire show, and games that took longer to explain than it would to play an actual game of Candy Crush Saga.



The New Cash Explosion (Ohio Lottery)


Remember the good old days of Cash Explosion? Well, they are long gone now, thanks to the absolute face-lift that the show got in 2017. Designed to update the show, it brought along everything that is wrong with modern game shows: Super dark set that isn't enjoyable at all, a brain-deader format (even moreso than before), and to top it all off: David McCreary acting even more annoying and inept than he did 11 years ago when he started on Make Me Famous, Make Me Rich. It is so bad, that it could be nearing its second cancellation.



Jeopardy! on PS4/XB1


Jeopardy as a video game is a no-brainer as it's fun to play, even back to the NES days. But the new version that came out in December was a massive disappointment from the 2012 version on the PS3. There's no Alex, no podiums, all-multiple choice questions and it looks like a gigantic powerpoint program from 1995 that was being sold to the public for $20. It was a total sham of a game compared to the Wheel release that was actually quite decent.



Just Like Mom and Dad (BYUTV, YESTV)


Just Like Mom was a cringeworthy bad show from the 80s in Canada because of its lame format, craptacular cooking segment that made nobody happy and the pedohost that was Fergie Oliver. Just Like Mom and Dad is a cringeworthy bad show from this year in both Canada and the US because of its lame format, craptacular cooking segment that made nobody happy and the couple that hosts the show being the polar opposite as Fergie on the pedo scale, but just as inept. This was a show that didn't need to exist, and that makes it the most damning of it all.



Survivor's Final Four Firemaking Challenge (CBS)


The 2nd entrance from Survivor in two years and while Varner's outing was bad on a moral standard, the added twist of the Firemaking challenge was bad on a gameplay standard, allowing for someone to idol their way to the finale, which happened in Heroes v Healers v Hustlers, making the votes completely meaningless. What bugged many people about this the most was that it was seen as out of the blue, unannounced and many believe it as a ploy to make Ben Driebergen the winner by the "Survivor Gods", leading to the #DevonGotScrewed hashtag trending for awhile.


 Well, that's the list for the finalists.  Be sure to vote below to select the worst in game shows from 2017-2018.  Remember what Jim Williams says: Vote Early, Vote Often & Vote for the Worst!


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