The World Stops Turning
Originally posted: December 11, 2009

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

It was announced this week that CBS has cancelled the long running soap, "As the World Turns" after over 50 years on the air, in both TV and Radio. Although this is a blow to the fans of the show, it gives up to those in the game show fandom, for maybe they'll see another game show or two picked up for that timeslot. I keep on hearing three different titles to be picked up for that hour slot, so I'll give my opinion on how they will fair, and then give a couple of other replacement game shows to put in there.

1: Pyramid. This was the frontrunner to take the place of Guiding Light when that show got cancelled. But it was passed up for two reasons. One of them was budgetary reasons, because Michael Davies proposed that it would be The $1,000,000 Pyramid for daytime. The Second reason was that Let's Make A Deal was the cheaper go, mainly because they could get sponsorships for the show due to the prizes they would be plugging throughout the show. I honestly think Pyramid would be a good balance to Price & Deal. Because you get a smarter show than the dumb shows that Price & Deal are. Honestly, if CBS decides to pick it up, then Davies needs to go either the $25,000 Pyramid route or if he wants the tournament, he needs to go to the old $100,000 Pyramid route. Either one would be fine and wouldn't damper the budget for CBS, that much.

2: Press Your Luck: This show has also been bandied about ever since Game Show Marathon decided to do this show in their 2006 run. Quite honestly, I think if CBS were to go budgetary, this would be the show to go. The Main reasons are that with the prizes you can slog out on this show, the sponsors are there, plus I wonder if they're still making Flokati Rugs. If so, then they'd jump back on the show in no time. What else they can do is use the show to sell more of the DVD Game. Plus, they could get Todd Newton to host the show again, to make it concurrent with the DVD game. I see CBS doing this show over Pyramid.

3: The Dating Game. They did a pilot for this show a year ago when Guiding Light was cancelled and to be honest, Dating game alone doesn't work. It needs to feed off of another show, like the Newlywed Game. Every time it was on the air, It was paired with the Newlywed Game, save for it's first year on the air. So, I don't see this going far. I'd rather see this go to GSN and have that teamed up with the Newlywed Game. Hopefully with a better host.

Now the three shows that have been the most talked about to replace As the World Turns, I'd like to throw in a couple shows that could replace ATWT that could be considered Dark Horses.

1: Password. It had two seasons in Primetime and it got good ratings, although the wrong ratings. In daytime, it will get the right ratings and who knows, maybe this could be teamed up with Pyramid to get the smart word game hour to go with the dumb game two hours that Price and Deal have. Keep in mind you won't have Regis to host this one, because he's tied up with Live, so maybe Mark L. Walberg could be getting a call.

2: Supermarket Sweep. The best cable game show in the world that hasn't had new episodes made since 2002 is begging to be revived. David Rhuprhect would probably be more than happy to do this show & a $10,000 end game would be budget friendly as well. Not only that, all the sponsors for the food items on the show would be ideal and work in their benefit. Plus, it has the wide appeal to kids, college students and families.

3: Shop 'til You Drop. Ok, this is the true longshot pick since it only works well when it's in a mall, hosted by Pat Finn and partnered up with Supermarket Sweep. It fits with the dumb show formula that you have with Price and Deal, and it's dirt cheap to produce. I mean, this show has over 800 episodes with Finn & at most, it gave away about $5,000 or so in prizes each show. I think if Stone wanted to get this show back on the air after his apparent hit in Brainsurge, he could get it back on the air.

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