The Return of Bob...Eubanks
Originally posted: January 8, 2010

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

In September of 2009, it was announced that the Newlywed Game would be featuring a special episode where Carnie Wilson would be playing and the classic host, Bob Eubanks would be hosting. The game show community on the internet were cheering quite loudly for this, mainly for a couple of reasons. The big reason was that Carnie after Season 1 didn't quite satisfy people, but part of that blame was on Michael Davies for implementing that god-awful Goldywed bonus round and making the show more box standard than anything else. Secondly, when people, including non game show fans, think of The Newlywed Game, they immediately think of three things: whoopie, In the Butt, and Bob Eubanks.

Bob was the man on that show. Whenever it was tried without Bob, the show failed. The specials that ABC Did in 1984 with Jim Lange, although good, wasn't as good as bob. Then after bob left The New Newlywed Game in 1988, Paul Rodriguez took over, and along with it came a huge makeover, including one less couple. Needless to say, it didn't last long and was gone when September 1989 came around. When Sony revived both The Newlywed Game and The Dating Game with different hosts and different formats, the fans hated it and wrote in to get the old versions of The Newlywed Game and The Dating Game back. And in 1997, Bob Eubanks was back at the helm for the venerable franchise, alongside Chuck Woolery for the Dating Game. The two shows would last two years before going into that goodnight. Bob wouldn't host another TV show.

Fast Forward to Thursday, January 7th, 2010. Here we saw Carnie with her husband Rob, along side the rest of the Wilson Clan to play the game. Needless to say, Bob was on top of his game. He was right there with the zinger when he needed to. He looked like he had never left the podium. His banter with Carnie & her family was just incredible. Seeing him on the show made you wish he was hosting the show full-time again. Unfortunately, because GSN Head David Schiff seems to be trying to make Carnie Wilson one of the faces of GSN, which is a mistake in my opinion, that will never happen unless Carnie quits. Which, given if Carnie Wilson: Unstapled becomes a disaster and destroys her personal life, she will quit and Bob will be on call to host Season 3, at least that's what I hope happens.

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